We represent…

Tonight I babysat once again for the McCarts.  I’ve watched their two lovely little blond-headed girls twice before.  Both times before tonight showed improvement in our relating to each other and understanding each other as well as testing my physical and emotional stamina since I am around kids almost 24/7 (school, church, babysitting – I’ve done it every day this week so far after teaching all day!).  Tonight was just fun.  The girls watched a dvd of one of Savannah Grace’s favorite books, Gigi.  Last time I watched them, I actually read the book to her, then she read it to me and then proceeded to test me on my knowledge of the book.  It was impressive.  I think I got an “A”.  We had a good dinner.  This was followed by swinging, jumping, and flying time with the incredible Miss Lindsey, “Gwace” (as Rilee calls Savannah Grace), and Rilee.  We flew around the living room and the kitchen and up and down the stairs several times.  This was followed by a coloring session and an impressive showing by Savannah Grace of her knowledge of colors in Spanish (thank you, Dora the Explorer!).  The girls did some twirling in the living room for a while.  We then had adventures with the tv and once that was worked out, Savannah Grace watched part of The Wizard of Oz.  I’d brought it last time I babysat them and let her borrow it so that she could watch the rest of it.  She kept singing different parts of it all night.  I put Rilee to bed and let Savannah Grace watch up until the end of “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”.  We went upstairs and read 4 books I’d brought with me.  She’s so smart…  The books were REALLY easy to read Spanish books and she followed easily with one about saying goodnight to all of the animals in the zoo.  She’d even repeat after me.  I laid with her in her bed for a while and it was getting late for her to be getting to bed, though I was told she had taken a late nap and kind of expected bed might be an interesting process.  Phillip and Anita got home from the Bobcats game and Savannah Grace came down to say goodbye to me.  All the while she was singing several parts of several songs in The Wizard of Oz.  Here were my favorites:

“We represent the lollipop kid, the lollipop kid, the lollipop kid…” (supposed to be the lollipop guild)

“We represent the lullaby key, the lullaby key, the lullaby key…” (lullaby league)

Good end to a good day.  Thank you, McCarts for being an amazing family.  I’m thrilled to know you and to be able to serve your family.  Knowing your family for such a short time, I’ve already learned so much and discovered new things about myself.  And as far as the rest of the good today goes, I got feedback on my observation from last week and everything was above average.  I was thrilled even though I hated what I’d done at the time.  But, I’m my own worst critic…

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