I’m not so good with goodbyes.  I don’t necessarily get all weepy and cry.  I might get tears in my eyes, but more of it is what is going on inside of me.  When I have to say goodbye to someone, family or friend who I may not see for a while, the night before and the day of their departure or mine, my mind wanders.  For example, if I’m saying goodbye to a family member, I’ll recall things we did when I was little such as memories of previous Christmases, trips we took together, silly things we did, recall things they used to say to me and the tone of their voice…  Likewise with a friend, I’ll recall things we did together, things that kind of became “tradition” for us, etc.  It’s like sweet torture.  I cherish the memories and am so glad to have them, but it hurts having to say goodbye and not know when I might see them next.  I suppose you could call me sentimental, nostalgic…but you get the point.

This weekend when Jackie was visiting, we had a great time.  We didn’t necessarily get to “do” a lot because it was a short trip, the weather was kind of odd, and quite frankly….Charlotte doesn’t have the identity that Philadelphia does and perhaps I just don’t know the “cool” places to visit on a weekend?  Not tons of attractions in a place that is known for being a banking capital.  We did, however, enjoy going to Carabbas Saturday night for some delicious Italian food and picked up an Australian movie at Blockbuster.  haha.  She was a real trooper when she came with me to church all day Sunday.  I’m really glad she enjoyed it and heard some things she needed to hear.  We went to El Valle with some people from church and then proceeded on to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Patriots play the San Diego Chargers in the AFC Championship.  That was fun and my Pats are now 18-0 and going to the Superbowl!!!  After this we went back to my apartment to chill for a while and at some point we decided we might go check out the Breakfast Club just for amusement.  Just as I was looking up directions, Jeremy called from downstairs and invited us over for some dinner that my Russian friend and Jennica were going to be cooking up.  We went over and yet another Office marathon was being had.  The food was quite impressive.  Chicken with asapragus, grapes, cous cous and a lovely sauce.  Bravo, chefs, bravo.  Around 11pm we came back up to my apartment because we realized it would be our last chance to do our routine: pepperoni and pineapple pizza and House episodes.  Back in college on Tuesday nights we used to do what we called “The Tuesday Night Lineup” which included the pizza and watching American Idol, House, and Law and Order: SVU.  It was the one night we really watched anything and did it with each other.  We managed to watch perhaps 1/2 of two episodes.  haha.  Then this morning I went to have some blood drawn in follow-up to my physical last week and afterwards we drove downtown just for the sake of her seeing “downtown Charlotte” and then went to Starbucks to sit and talk for a good while.  That was nice.

And of course, my sentimental side took over last night and this morning remembering times in college together…  Our room with the flags and the hammock, doing magnetic poetry together, making feasts in the room, telling stories to each other in bed while trying to go to sleep, trips to South Street, walking to Wayne together, going to MANNA, theatre stuff, fantastic birthday out with friends that I elaborately and secretly planned (even last year when I went up to visit! haha)…  Just good times that give me cherished memories and a twinge in my heart after having had her around again only to say goodbye a short time later.  Ahhh.  It’s pretty funny also because quite frankly, both of us probably would have been happy to just stay in NCH 325 (our college dorm all 4 years) and still be roommates to this day.  Kind of sad, but it is also nice because we get along that well and loved it goether that much.

I love you, Jackie.  I miss you.  Come see me again any time and I will try to come see you.  We will always be roommates.  😛 

Jackie and I

2 thoughts on “Goodbyes

  1. Jackie says:

    Aww, this entry made me teary. We WILL always be roommates! Okay, I’m pretty much just stalking your archives at this point, but this entry made it worth it! I miss you!

    And wow, look how short my hair was last January!

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