Orange You Glad…

After being given the incredible opportunity to attend a short weekend conference (The Orange Tour) on family and children’s ministry here in Charlotte, the wheels in my head are spinning and are waiting for the rubber to meet the road.  There is much to process and consider how it would all fit Elevation, E-Kidz, and Quest.  I can’t wait to start working on aligning things in different areas, pumping out specifics for areas, to start coming up with ideas and systems to implement and try… It’s going to be a long process, but incredibly exciting.  I love looking at details and how they fit into the big picture and you structure a ministry for kids the same way you structure a curriculum at school.  Look at the end result and go backwards.  It’s called, interestingly enough…backwards design.  The creativity of the term is incredibly inspiring, yes?  I love working on the curriculum at school (I’m probably the youngest person and newest teacher – with my whole 1 1/2 years under my belt – working on the curriculum, assessments, etc.) and I’ve always thought I’d get my Master’s in curriculum and instruction.  I also had a dream about what I might one day do with that…  Now, being where I am in life with school and church and the incredible position God has placed me in with the kids at church, I can’t help but wonder what I might be on the edge of.  It’s very exciting and I’m curious to find out how everything will play out.  I love teaching Spanish, I love perfecting and writing curriculum for school, and I love doing what I do at church.  God doesn’t just place a love and passion for something in your life without a purpose.  I know He didn’t just put a passion for students in Phillip’s heart for nothing and that He didn’t just put a passion for Charlotte in Pastor Steven’s heart for no reason.  Now my question and the question for ALL of us who went to this conference becomes this: What will we do with this passion?  How can we take what we’ve been built up for and begin to put the pieces we all bring to it together to fit Elevation?  I can’t help but thank God for what He’s done in my life to lead me to where I am right now on February 2, 2008 to have given me the chance to go to an inspiring conference with other great friends and leaders in church who have a desire to reach and love kids.

The best part about this is that there are little things we can begin to do NOW to help inspire other volunteers in our different areas.

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