Reasons Kids are Hilarious

  • Tonight while watching Muppets Take Manhattan (my favorite Muppet movie ever!!) with the McCart girls, I learned more about one of the characters.



Kermit the Frog McCart (aka Hermit)

Who knew our family pastor was related to a frog??  🙂

At school…

  • “What if you were a statue?” – kindergartener

           “What if I was?” – my response

          “We could jump on you.  We could break you.” – several kindergarteners’ response

          Kindergarteners want to break me.  How lovely.

  • A little kindergarten girl wanted to tell me a joke and I told her she could after we were finished, so she tells me the “Why did the chicken cross the road?” joke.  Immediately after this, one little boy who can be quite disruptive comes up to me and says…

         “Why did the Spanish teacher learn Spanish?”

         “I don’t know.  Why?” – me

         “So she could teach us that, that, that, and that!” – his response while pointing at different pictures, posters, etc. in the classroom.

  • “That was classic.” – a first grader’s reaction after I’d thrown a koosh ball to a student who was going to give me an answer to a question.  They answered and threw it back a bit too forcefully so I missed it.  Classic was this boy’s response.  And I was thinking (and laughing)…  “How does he even know what that means?”
  • “That was wrong, girl!” – yet another brilliant first grader in a different class after a similar situation, only as you can tell, it was a little girl who had thrown it back to me.  The best part: it was a hilarious little boy saying this.

Did I mention I enjoy children?


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