Great Things

Yesterday was full of great things.  What else would be expected when Elevation celebrates it’s 2 year anniversary?!  The sermon was great.  There appeared to be wonderful response to the volunteer push.  165 people were baptized in the afternoon.  Jeremy, Erin, and I cleaned out most of our bins and threw away a lot of stuff.  There was an incredible volunteer only worship service for the recording of our second cd.  I was in the praise pit!  Woohoo!  That was just amazing.  I always feel God on Sunday mornings through our worship time.  Who knew a high school auditorium could be so filled with the Spirit of God?  One of the most fantstic things about the recording was that Wade, Chris, and Mack shared why they wrote some of the songs and where they came from.  All but one of the songs we did are Elevation originals.  Pastor Steven was sharing how monumental and important that cd would become to us.  Each of the songs were written about what we were experiencing at a certain time in our church.  They may have been written in response to a sermon, sermon series, faith push (Dominate), or something going on in the guys’ hearts as worship leaders at Elevation.  He talked about how in Joshua they had twelve stones they used to build a memorial and how this cd could be like our twelve stone memorial marking year 2 at Elevation.  That made the cd ten times more important to me and ten times more meaningful.  Plus I found out more reasons our worship leaders are the best in the world.  They truly rock the planet.  They aren’t there for themselves, they’re there for us and they work so hard.  They’re the best.

I also experienced more peace in my situation with my car and everything breaking in my path (as I write, my computer has given me two black screens, has come back, and now I wait for it to just turn off on me!).  I also experienced grace and understanding with some very important people in my life who I hope know how much I appreciate them.  It’s a privilege to work along side you.  Thank you for never letting go of me, of each other, of this vision, of this city.  You rock, end of story.

And now I’m off to rest and feed this new found interest in the show LOST…  I’m slowly catching on.  🙂

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