A Knack for Nicknames

So I’ve been catching up with the LOST phenomenon for the last couple of weeks.  I’m presently about 8 episodes into season 2.  I remember when it first began airing.  I think I partially watched the first episode and then didn’t really watch it at all.  Then when the new season began this year (fourth season, I believe), I had the tv on ABC when they aired the “catch up” episode in case people hadn’t watched before.  Well, I was kind of watching, kind of working on things.  When I did look up and pay attention, I wasn’t impressed…  WHY IS A THERE A GUY AT THE AIRPORT??  AREN’T THEY SUPPOSED TO BE LOST??  Come on now.  The show is called LOST.  Made no sense to me, so I blocked it and went back to work. 

Saturday and the Orange tour came and Phillip McCart appeared shocked and appalled that I didn’t understand this show.  That Thursday (or the next, can’t remember which), I went over to the house he and Anita live in to watch it with them and several others.  Translation: I kind of watched while trying not to fall asleep because I was exhausted.  And yet the show proved interesting enough when I was shown the light: they were showing flashbacks AND flash forwards.  Oh.  So they ARE still LOST.  Hence I’ve been catching up and must admit, it is quite interesting and somewhat addicting.

When I saw this on ABC‘s front page, I had to check it out: Sawyer’s Nickname GeneratorSawyer is a character on the show who is pretty rugged, blunt, doesn’t hold back and gives everyone a nickname.  I decided to check it out and according to web generated Sawyer, my nickname is Stretch.  haha.

Also amusing and awesome: I read on there that the actor playing Sawyer was born in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Nice.


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