On the Flip Side

Today was at the same time one of the most frustrating days of teaching for me, but also the most meaningful.  I had an incident happen with a student that was disappointing and upsetting.  However, I felt the support of a fellow teacher and my principal.  On the flip side, an hour later I had a student write me a thank you note…on the back of what he’d been working on, but it was still a thank you note all the same.

Also I got to spend time wiht some of my favorite kids after school yet again working on things for OM (Odyssey of the Mind).  Our problem has to do with building a car that can perform sports related activities.  We have to make the car kick a soccer ball, shoot a shuffleboard and knock something down, throw a tennis ball, and for our free choice sport, we decided to do paintball.  They are so creative, imaginative, and brilliant.  Things are finally coming together now that the competition is nearing – next Saturday at Wingate University!  There is still A LOT to finish and work out though, on top of working through rehearsals with the script, costumes, props, car, and scenery.  I’m getting a tad nervous about all of that.  They’ve had some problems staying focused, but it’s getting better.  We’re meeting tomorrow and a good while on Saturday to work on things.  The incredible teacher I’m coaching with and I cannot help them make anything or build anything, but we can guide them and facilitate their discussion and work.  I’m a tad bit competitive and a perfectonist, so that’s probably why I’m getting nervous about things getting finished, but I’m not about to let myself do it for them.  It is their work and I’m incredibly proud of what they’ve done so far and the work they will continue to do.   I just want them to be set up for success – not that they win, but that they enjoyed working together, creating their solution to the problem, and that they are happy with the outcome.  Long story short: I know it’s almost silly, but if you could pray for them to stay focused and for time enough for things to be finished, that’d be awesome!


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