I Smell Summer

Yesterday morning as I was heading out to church, I was struck by the immediate change I felt when I opened my door and walked out.  Suddenly life was much less busy, I could take a minute to breathe, and various memories of events from last summer flooded my mind.  It made me really long for summer to arrive.  I felt it was on the way.  Mornings when I could just get up whenever and if I wanted to go out early and do errands, do something with friends, I could and I could take my time.

Today when I came home the temperature had really warmed up and I could smell summer.  Yesterday I felt it.  Today I could smell it.  I came home to the smell of freshly cut grass.  If that isn’t the perfect summer smell, I don’t know what is.  Between that and yesterday, I have now got the fever…spring or summer, I’ve got it. 

Big reason I’ve got it: I cannot wait until I can head back up to the mountains.  I believe we can open our house in the mountains in April, but I’ve got it so bad right now that I just want to GO THERE and do a hike or something on a Saturday.  Maybe in April go up on a Friday with people and stay the night (free lodging, friends!) and hike on Saturday…  I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see this again…  Any takers??

There is nothing like seeing something like this early in the morning or as the sun is setting…or any time really.  God is a pretty fantastic creator.


3 thoughts on “I Smell Summer

  1. I can’t wait to get back there too. I don’t think we’ll be smelling summer, let alone spring, for a VERY long time. More rain/sleet/snow is on the way tomorrow night!

  2. Lindsey! I miss you so much!

    Ramy and I want to come visit you some time. I don’t know when because money is tight.

    And this will knock your socks off, but we want to come to Elevation!!! We’ve been watching the sermons online since Ramy got here (I was watching before he came). 😀 We’ve been having some kind of problem with the streaming video the past couple weeks though :(. I just wanted to thank you for indirectly introducing us to Elevation :).

  3. Yes, really! Is it bad to say that Elevation is addictive? Ramy and I quote Pastor Furtick on pretty much a daily basis. We really miss it now that we’re having a hard time getting the video to play without skipping every 5 seconds (it takes like 2 1/2 hours to watch 40 minutes ever since the 2 year anniversary so we’re trying to figure out a way to fix that) Things have been kind of hard for us since Ramy got here but we’re finding comfort & strength through God. You know how new for me this is, but we are blessed and God always comes through for us. Don’t worry about your car, He’ll sort it out somehow! (He works in the strangest ways…really!!! I had the same problem with my car always breaking down, then Ramy crashed & totaled it coming home from work one night, and the insurance company paid it off and then sent me extra money. Not to say God will crash your car, but he will find you a way out of your problems with it.) 🙂

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