Friday Five

What…the Friday Five actually done and on a Friday?  Amazing, I know.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read each of these words and why?

1. ice Ice cream.  Why?  Because I just read an entry on Erin’s blog about ice cream.  🙂
2. primary  – Both primary colors (think art class, friends, OM has had me heavy into the art/creativity world lately) and primary school.  This one oddly enough goes back to a first grade class I had today.  This week is National Foreign Language Week and I was talking with them about other languages and we were listing words we knew in other languages (counting, hello, goodbye, etc.).  They of course start asking me how to say things in Spanish when I’m actually trying to broaden their view of languages in the world.  haha.  One thing they asked me was how to say “Unionville Elementary School” in Spanish.  There are kind of two ways to say it – Escuela Unionville or la Escuela Primaria Unionville.  The first literally translates to Unionville School and the second to Unionville Primary School, which is essentially what an elementary school would be called.  Hence…primary.
3. dirty Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a musical I saw on Broadway one February day back in 2006 with Jackie, Zoe, and Lindsey (yes, my college roommate’s sister and I have the same name).  That day it of course snowed and we were the only ones on the road going from Philadelphia to New York City.  What a trip!  haha.  It was absolutely worth it though…  We saw Norbert Leo Butz as Freddy, a guy wanting to learn to be a con artist from John Lithgow’s character (yes, we saw John Lithgow!) Lawrence.  It was quite a hilarious show and I definitely had several of the songs in my head after we left.  I have the cd from the show and each time I listen to it I visualize the stage, auditorium, everything.  It was a great experience.
4. greenElphaba.  Can you tell where my mind heads very easily?  The way my mind wanders there naturally, I obviously wish life were more like a musical.  haha.  Elphaba is, of course, the character of the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz as portrayed in her younger years by Gregory Maguire in his book, WICKED!  The book became a musical on Broadway and after that….well, I’m sure you’ve heard about it.  Or…at least I would hope so.  And of course when I tried to get tickets to the touring show in April here in Charlotte…they sold out in less than 8 hours!!!  I was looking forward to hearing the music, which is incredibly awesome.  I remember during my student teaching it was in my car all the time and on the way to and from Drexel Hill Middle School I would be sitting in traffic singing it at the top of my lungs.  Good times, good memories.
5. fly – Again…since my mind is there…WICKED!  Flying.  Specifically I hear and see in my head the scene where Elphaba and Galinda are singing “Defying Gravity” and Elphaba begins her final descent into “wickedness” and she tells everyone to look to the western sky and how she will be “flying high and defying gravity”.  That part is incredible…the mechanics and technical production that had to be in place for her to be lifted up high over the audience to sing the final lines of the song…just wow.  Idina Menzel brings it in that song, man (“No Good Deed” is also incredible).  I’m telling you…  Kristin Chenoweth is quite awesome as well.  She makes me laugh in the song “Popular” and they are hilarious together in “What is This Feeling (Loathing)

The end.


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