Beautiful Day

Sunday was a great day.  Things just went really well and I felt good.  I don’t know how to explain that or what kind of background to add to that, but it was just good.  We had an insane number of kiddos in Quest in the last two services, probably due to the time change, but things really worked themselves together really well.  We had a couple of phenomenal shadows and small groups and small group leaders did a good job.  I enjoyed talking with Erin yesterday about some things we can work on to make small groups even more effective. 

Between Quest and the sermon on Sunday, I’ll be really cheesy and say I was definitely “elevated”.  haha.  Pastor Steven preached probably one of my favorite sermons I’ve heard.  I wish all of the parents of my kids at school could listen to it.  We’re in the middle of a series called “My Generation” about pursuing God’s will for your life, wherever you are at in your life.  This week was essentially talking about how we can’t afford to let the up and coming generation just be let go.  We can’t afford to just assume they are a lost cause.  We can’t afford to wait and let them mess up because we didn’t do anything.  Pastor Steven particularly called out parents in the sermon to step up and get up in their kids’ business.  As someone who spends a lot of time with kids and as someone who has seen the behavior of kids these days, let me just say that parents really need to start following those marching orders.  They showed a video from youtube I think of kids and how they treat their teachers and they were recorded by their FRIENDS in class on their cellphones.  Why is that entertainment?  Can’t we teach some respect and honor? 

Pastor Steven read Numbers 14:33 about the children of the Israelites suffering in the wilderness for many years because of their parents’ unfaithfulness.   That is scary.  Even more scary is the fact that we don’t eve really think in those terms in the here and now.  I shudder when I wonder if there has ever been something I have or have not done that will affect my family later on.  As a teacher, as a volunteer in E-Kidz, as a future parent, as a daughter and sister, as a friend…I don’t want a decision or choice that I make cause those I love heartache and trouble in their own lives.  It’s an unpleasant thought.  I do not want a decision I do (or do not!) make in a fleeting moment to later on cause problems for my own child later on in life.  Call me crazy, tell me I’m thinking too much about this, I don’t really care…  I’m at a point in my life where I am in between.  I’m in between who I once was as a kid, teenager and college student and in this crazy “quater-life” stage I’m in, I don’t want to make “the wrong choice” that could later on affect me and my friends and family.  I’d much rather find my focus in Christ and learn and soak in as much as I can right now in this “in between” stage to continue making the right decisions that will help me later on as I grow older and eventually have a family. 

Anyway, my point is…  I’m seeing young generation even in the elementary school years growing up with less contact with their family, less involvement of their parents in their lives, less discipline, etc.  I see the result of this in school everyday.  In attitude, in behavior, mannerisms, how kids are talking, what they are talking about, their body language…  It’s painful.   I’ve been dealing with it a lot recently (though I’m sure some is due to just wanting to get to a break!!).  Talking about how important it is to respect each other and say nice things.  Why do we need to be reminded to be nice?  It saddens me.  It also makes my job even more important to me even though it can be equally painful.  I want to do my best for them so that they can be their best.  I want to be someone they can talk to and someone they know cares.  Why?  Because you just never know.  You NEVER know.  You never know how something you say or do might impact them.  You never know what they are dealing with or where they are coming from.  So I put out a plea to parents out there who might be reading this… You reap what you sow.  Reap seeds of love, honor and respect.  Love your child.  Teach them to love others.  Teach them respect.  Teach them to say nice things.  Don’t let something you do or do not do NOW cause them pain later on.

Seriously…watch the sermon.  In the video box, it’s the week 4 sermon titled “Another Generation”.  You can go to “media” in the top bar and click on “sermons” to find it as well.

And expect an OM love post soon.  haha.

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