Friday 5

Friday 5: 5 Take-Aways from Unleash

1. Elevation knows how to roll.  And by roll I mean do things in style, big, with excellence, and show honor and respect where it is due.  Can I just say how incredible it was to be with 150 other volunteers and staff members from the church learning together? During lunch, during breaks, and in-between times, I continually saw Elevators in teal shirts (random fact: I believe I have enough Elevation apparel to go almost 4 weeks without doing laundry…ponder) walking around asking questions of volunteers and staff at Newspring, probing, prodding, taking notes, talking with each other, etc.  Way to have an attitude of gratitude and a spirit open to learning all you can.  That was awesome.  I didn’t want to miss out on something either and not take advantage of the time we had there.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers of Newspring and most especially to the staff and fellow volunteers at Elevation.  Way to rock it out the whole time we were there!  I actually think I did something to one side of my jaw yesterday (it’s sore) from hollering, whooping, and shouting to God and in honor and respect of all that Newspring, Perry Noble, Pastor Steven, and the staff did.

2. Sometimes we can get so busy doing “our thing” that we don’t even notice what God is doing.  This hit me for various reasons and I am so thrilled to be at a 3-5 year old’s eye level to see what He is doing each Sunday.

3. The church is the only “organization” that will last forever…we’ve got to work on getting it right.

4. Lots to think about with these three questions regarding Elevation and then filtering that down to E-Kidz and then Quest…

  • What is it that God wants to do at Elevation?  In E-Kidz?  In Quest?  (whatever it is, it will take time and effort)
  • What are the barriers?  (refusal to change, jealousy and lack of understanding are common, but what else is there?)
  • What do we celebrate? (the name of the Lord, those finding new life in Christ…in the children’s area?)

5. Small group stuff intrigues me.  I keep coming up with questions I wish I’d had more time to ask the small group/large group curriculum writer at Newspring, Kelly (I think that’s her name).   However, there’s lots to think about now and I’m excited.  The interesting thing is that due to Orange and now Unleash, church stuff is driving me towards that master’s degree in curriculum and instruction just as much as teaching is.  haha


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