Hi, my name is…

Innumerable readers (HAHA, right), my “dear” red Subaru Legacy, Killer, has gone and left me (hallelujah!).  It’s brakes are no longer my issue, it’s check engine light tics are no longer the bane of my existence, I am free.  How about a moment of celebration instead of a moment of silence?  Actually, I’d rather hold a moment of silence in the blog world for my very first car rather than Killer…  Ahh, Kermit (ie. 1994 green Ford Escort 4 door hatchback).  RIP.  I still miss you, I still love you, I still have the pictures of your demise.  Thank you for keeping me safe.  If only I could have found your twin…

I would like to now introduce you to…a white 1999 Ford Taurus.  Exciting name, huh?  Well, here she (I at least know that much) is… 


If you have suggestions or ideas for a name, let me know, I’m open to them.  I have been pondering a name for a little bit and have come up with Greta, but I’m not 100% sold on that yet.

So far we’ve got:

-Greta (or is it…Ghretta?)

-Glinda the Good Witch (carrying on the semi Wizard of Oz theme…  Killer was formerly known as Ruby and considering this Glinda the Good Witch name, I’m kind of amused and would consider Killer to have been the Wicked Witch…haha)

5 thoughts on “Hi, my name is…

  1. Aunt Melodie says:

    So, you have a new car? Hope you have it by choice, not by force (hope “Killer” didn’t strand you somewhere). Glinda is nice, let me know what you decide as a final name…hope you’re doing well.

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