Seven Random Things…

Well, I was tagged by Kelly on her blog to do this, so here we go!  Basically I’m sharing seven random facts about me then tagging seven more people…  So here they are…

Seven Random Facts about Me:

1. In high school I was either stage manager/assistant stage manager/costume coordinator/stage crew/director for three musicals, one “variety” show, one competition play, and a one act play.  The above were the following: The Sound of Music (probably my favorite musical I did), The Wizard of Oz, Grease, The Follies: The 80s (and I helped sing Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall…that part is kind of creepy to recall), Life: Love and Hate (snippets of Shakespeare – we went to State!), and Rapunzel Uncut.  I have video of almost all of these and still love watching them to this day because I cherish those memories.  Not just good times…great times.

2. I recently learned I have a friend who is almost as OCD about something I’m OCD about….and I have no real basis for the number of times I do this.  You would think once is enough and I tell myself that, but I always end up doing it more than once.  Every night I set my alarm and check it at least three, if not four times to make sure it’s right.  Don’t ask me why…  I also tend to check that my car is locked two or three times.  I’ll even walk away from it a bit and then walk back because something doesn’t “feel” right…but of course it is locked.  Ahh the quirks we all have.

3. When I was in middle school we had to do a project in our music class about an artist we enjoyed.  I was immersed in Christian music and at that time the group Newsong was popular and their cd Love Revolution was out.  Lookng back on it, I wish I’d done Church of Rhythm.  But, that’s the past and I can’t change it.  I was so determined to do something awesome with this project that I wrote a letter to the guys in the band.  Well, they wrote me back.  I still have the HANDWRITTEN letter they wrote me, front and back.  That was very cool to a 7th grader.  They had a verse they wrote on the back that still sticks in my head very easily because I read the letter so many times when I first got it.  Titus 2:11 – For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

4. The first time I ever watched A Beautiful Mind was fall 2004 in Spain and I didn’t watch it in English…  The first time I ever watched that movie, I watched it in Spanish.  🙂

5. Since we’re writing about firsts…  The first concert I ever went to was either Geoff Moore and the Distance in Saco, Maine in a high school gym (Geoff was so much better with the Distance than he was…is solo) OR Aaron Jeoffrey at Family Celebration Center (and I could have that name wrong…family something) in PI, Maine…  I can’t remember.  Mom?  I remember waiting to get their autographs and we got a “Why should the devil have all the good music?” bumper sticker that my dad put on his truck.  I also wrote a paper about going to the Geoff Moore concert because it was a surprise trip my parents took my sisters and I on.

6. I’m a big fan of scented candles.  I love white zinfandel.

7. I’ve been trying to finish reading an awesome series of books by Dee Henderson for about…oh…6 or 7 years?  I read about 4 of them in a row, went off to college and put it on the back burner and when I thought of them, couldn’t find the books in stock anywhere.  I have the last book, started reading it last year and only made it halfway through.  I will have to start it all over again.  And actually, I might read the whole series over again.  They’re very good books, especially if you like mysteries.  The books are in the O’Malley Family series.  The series is about seven brothers and sisters who adopted each other as family because they were all orphans and changed their last names to actually become family.  Each book follows one of them and they each have different jobs that intersect or cross somehow.  It’s really intriguing stuff and I’m amazed at the depth of knowledge the author shows about jobs such as hostage negotiating, being a US marshals, forensic pathology, firefighting, trauma psychology, and being a paramedic.  Very good stuff.  The undertones that lead back to Christianity are very good also.

Note: This last one I originally had as 7 too. Then I realized I had two 7s. Oh well. We’re keeping it, but I’m calling it 8 now. For good measure…

8. Since I’m on a sentimental journey with books, back in elementary and early middle school, I was obsessed with horses.  My friend and I would make books about horses and name them, give them sires and mares, tell how tall they were in hands, draw them, etc.  It was crazy.  I was absolutely obsessed with the Saddle Club book series as well as the High Hurdles and Golden Filly series by Lauraine Snelling.  Wow.  Good books, good times, and good memories.

Wow.  That was absolutely not where I expected much of this to go…  Haha.  Truly random.

And now I tag:

Katie (my sister)

Hilary (also my sister)




Bethany (or Josh if he wants!)


and for good measure in case he still needs inspiration…


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