A Vacation…

Today I suddenly became thrilled (more than I was yesterday) that Spring vacation was here. Between everything going on with church, school, getting involved with OM almost everyday after school, learning to back off, etc, I feel like my focus has been everywhere. You could see that from the way I spent my day!! I want to be centered again.

First I had school on my mind and I’ve been trying to figure out more creative ways to integrate math into the kids’ Spanish classes. Spent maybe an hour or so in the expanse that is Lakeshore Learning. Then I went out in search of something for church for Easter, but I realized I had something in my closet as well as some new shoes (thanks, Mom). So I decided I’d search for a movie to calm me. I kind of did that in a roundabout way. But I was also pulled to 2 bookstores and knowing myself and books and the combination of the words “book” and “store”, I knew I’d end up there for a long while. I recently picked up a Beth Moore book on David that I plan on starting and with this whole “get refocused” thing on my mind, for some reason one of Andy Stanley’s books came to my mind, Making Vision Stick… I want to get focused on better communicating vision to small group leaders in Quest. Then I decided I needed something to rejuvenate Lindsey and found this book called Being Worn Out (at least I think that’s what it’s called). My plan is to read both of these this week. The latter is much easier than the former though, since I didn’t really have luck finding it. Crossing my fingers that one of the incredible individuals who went to Orange might have it? 🙂
I also plan on getting myself somewhere “away” from “things”. Maybe the park or maybe driving up to the mountains really early to spend the day. Although on that occasion, I would love some company…takers?

Anyway, here’s to getting re-centered, re-calibrated, and getting your spiritual, mental and physical equilibrium back on track! Someone check in with me the end of the week and make sure I read those books!


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