What’s Up…

There are random thoughts running through my head…and here they are in bullet form:

  • Easter Sunday…  A nice time for plastic eggs, white furry bunnies, pink bows and pastel colored dresses for little girls, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs, easter grass, baskets, and hiding things, right?  Well…yes…  But also a time for trash cans and grinders!  Equally child-friendly and full of peaceful thoughts.  Yup.  Wade, Phillip, Mack, Larry…that was just awesome.

(Picture credit to Wade – and somehow he also manages to be in the picture all the way on the left!:))

  • 4800+ people at Elevation on Easter Sunday between six services (including a new 1pm service – who knew 700 or so people would show up for that…on a holiday! Well, besides God. Big faith, people, big faith.)!! 
  • Better number than the above – 500+ who gave their life to Christ yesterday!
  • According to Phillip, we also had about 560 children in E-Kidz yesterday!
  • I joined several friends at a very Easter-festive food establishment.  We ate at On the Border.  haha.  And apparently I’m more of a man than some…  After Nick was challenged to eat a little bit of a dried red chile pepper (which he did, with seeds in!), I was challenged to do the same.

          You know…considering I’m a Spanish teacher and all…  I need to know these things…feel these things.  Give my kids something “authentic”.  haha.  Well, I ate a small bite off the end of one.


I can take the spice and heat a lot of the time.  I enjoy spicy food.  And to be honest, that small bite really didn’t bother me.  Didn’t really need the tea or water I had.  So I was challenged to eat some more.  And I did…I ate the rest of it.   After a few minutes, that’s when the sirens went off.

More than anything, my tongue was killing me.  It felt like I had hundreds of needles sticking in my tongue.  Ice cold water just made it worse.  By the time we left though…  I was all good.  The things I do in the name of my job.  😉  Nice job, by the way, Junior.  That was an experience to share.  haha.  (Note: Neither of these are depictions are of Nick G despite what you may think…no cartoonist was present during these proceedings.)

  • I’ve successfully found time to clean out my closet, clean my desk area up, clean the bathroom, find some things I wrote back in middle school (I should share my infamous poem “Susie Mayer’s Glare” sometime…it’s worthy of a Pulitzer), fall asleep early at night, get some things in order to put into my storage, do dishes, and it’s only Monday.  That…is thrilling.
  • I learned that Beth has seen the high quality, critical darling movie of the early 90s, My Boyfriend’s Back.  And to think I thought I only shared that prize movie with one of my friends from back in middle school.  Such a…special movie, isn’t it Beth?
  • When you pray in the heat of things happening…who knows what God will do?
  • Dinner and a movie with my Aunt tomorrow night!
  • I miss being able to read books whenever I want and being able to just sit and read them however long I want.
  • I had something else to say and I forgot…so, the end.

2 thoughts on “What’s Up…

  1. Hah, the pictures made this entry…

    When I go to San Diego next week it will NOT be part of my break. Silly ENC gave us our Spring Break 2 weeks ago! It was still freezing! Heh. And never fear – there WILL be TONS of pictures of Cali!

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