Is it weird??

Is it weird that I enjoy sighing?  Because I do.  Let me explain.

Today I went up to Lake Norman and visited Jetton Park for about…oh…six and a half hours.  I spent most of the time doing none of the things I thought I was going to do.  I thought I was going to rest in the grass, read from several books, listen to some quiet music and a few podcasts, do some praying, and letting some things out to God.  What actually happened was Lindsey got to Jetton Park and basically basked in the quiet almost the entire time.

I got to the park and tried to decide where to sit.  I eventually found this path that went off of another and it led to an opening near the lake.  There were several benches and I sat down and just looked around me.  It was beautiful.  Not too hot, a steady warm breeze, and you could hear the water and birds all around.  It’s amazing what just sitting and looking at a calm scene can do to bring your heart to a peaceful place.  I was also listening to several podcasts I’d downloaded from JR Lee at Freedom Church.  Between the scene I was looking at and what I was hearing in my ears, it was perfect.  I sat there just listening and watching.  Later I switched to some music and did some writing about several things I needed to work out in my head and one way for me to get it out is writing.  I made some lists of some things I need to do.  I listened to some Rodrigo y Gabriela and then the Robbie Seay Band.  That couldn’t have been a more perfect set of songs for me to listen to…it actually brought me to tears and reminded me of something that I constantly need to be reminded of…slow down, be still

So back to the sigh thing.  When I was sitting on the bench by the water listening to one of the podcasts and enjoying the calm, I just let a sigh out.  Not on purpose, it just happened.  It’s pretty incredible the calm that can come to you in a sigh.  I read that sighing can atually be a way of relieving stress.  Anyway, so I sighed.  I was letting it all out, the burdens and worries were expended out into the air and taken away by the breeze, the swirling breath of God all around me.  Ok, a little extravagant in the description, but I like to think of it that way.

So, there we have it…  Lindsey enjoys the “let the stress melt away” kind of sigh.  A lot.  Lindsey also decided she might be a little too interested (perhaps ADD in fact…) in many areas of teaching since she loves English/language arts, social studies, and the thought of doing guidance counseling a lot on top of liking the idea of doing Spanish at the middle school level again.  Why this sudden thought?  Because she has many passions and wonders what they’d all be like and any little thing can set her off thinking in those directions (those subject areas specifically).   But alas, unless I’m blatantly hit over the head or knocked over by something…maybe…telling me to change directions, I’m trusting God I’m in the right place.  And you know…I tend to think about it all too much, daydream about it too much.  Did I mention I’m a dreamer?

Ok, going off subject and not entirely sure why I wrote in the third person for a little bit there so…SHE is going to end it right here.  🙂


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