Music Kick

Music to me is one way I can mellow out, I find songs that express what I can’t say sometimes and this weekend, music has overtaken me and been a huge for me. I listened to music and podcasts non-stop Friday, yesterday I listened to a bunch of Rodrigo y Gabriela and watched RENT (though I fell asleep part way, I think), today worship was awesome (Chris Brown in a straightjacket being cut out and having tons of hearts painted on him while singing U2‘s “Yahweh”…genius), and I’ve had the following song in my head since last night. Not entirely sure why or where it came from, but I love it. I first heard Cary Brothers on the Garden State soundtrack… Found his site and love this song. So I guess here is fair warning…next couple posts could have lots of songs or bands that I love in them and suggest checking out. 🙂

Cary Brothers

(By the way, not necessarily a fan of his hair in this video….nope. Looks better with a hat…or at least cut it, my friend…)

Also, I’ve resolved to write down 5 things I’m thankful for everyday, so here is today’s list:
1. Susan…she works so much at home, at work and for Quest, I’m so glad she’s getting a change in her schedule. She deserves it.
2. Little boys named RJ. Tons of energy, a sweet face and persona.
3. Being made uncomfortable in church…because it means I’m being challenged and changed.
4. Music and the creative expression thereof… I’m thankful for a church and worship team that seeks to take songs and bring new life to them. They changed up the arrangement on one song we’ve been fairly familiar with and they wisely choose songs that relate very well to specific sermons. What they did with “Yahweh” today wasn’t just for show (though it was entirely awesome), connecting the lyrics of the song with their creative, artistic expression of what they saw in the song as it relates to the sermon was powerful. Thanks for all you do, Wade, Chris, and Mack.  You take a sermon and a series and take it to the next level.  Thank you for leading and ushering us all into deeper levels of worship and helping us connect the music to our hearts.
5. Fruit…because it just tastes so good sometimes. Especially after you talk about it for a long time before you get to have it (Thank you, Sara and Bradelyn). 🙂


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