My House

Kids are hilarious.

Today I was at school for about 14 hours…  School all day and PTO meeting in the evening.  Pointless to really leave when you’re just going to come back, not to mention using up gas in the car…

Well, after PTO I am walking out to my car talking with another teacher when I have this conversation:

Kindergartener:  Where are you going, Ms. Gallagher?

Me: Home!  Where are you going?

Kindergartener: Home! 

Me: Me too. 

Kindergartener: No!  Where are you going, Ms. Gallagher?  That’s your home. (pointing to school)

Me:  That’s my home, huh? You think I live here?  Do you think your teacher lives here too?

Kindergartener: Yeah.

Me: Nah!  That’s not my home.

Kindergartener: Yes it is.  That’s your home, Ms. Gallagher.

She kept saying that as we were walking and eventually her little sister started saying, “Your home.  Your home.”

So…this is my home:

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