A Great Invention and a Not So Great Adventure


are a great invention.  Kitchen scissors.  I have a pair that I use a lot.  Most of the time, NOT in the kitchen.  They’re handy when you can’t find your other scissors and absolutely fantastic when needing to break into the plastic that surrounds the objects you buy that have no perforation on them and you become frustrated because you can’t tear into it and if you try, you’re just crazy because it’s NOT going to work until you have…scissors.  And wimpy plain old scissors sometimes don’t even work.  You need…kitchen scissors.  God bless the person who invented them.

My not so great adventure happened yesterday.  I went to have my hair cut and have them put a wash on my hair to get it back to my normal color (ie. tone down the highlights so it blends better with my light brown hair).  The highlights were getting a bit much in the money area and I miss the lowlights I used to have.  I have been considering for a while going back to the cut I got in Spain when I was studying abroad.  I loved it, but I can’t exactly hop a plane and go over the ocean to get my hair cut and come back.  So they didn’t do a wash, but found a color that was supposedly close to my natural light brown color (and it looked like it was when they showed it to me) and the lowlights would show through a few shades lighter than the light brown.  This is basically what I had my last 2 years of college and loved it.  Sadly I have no good pictures of it…  So they did their thing and in the lighting there it looked ok.  I get home and look at it and it’s a little reddish.  Not bad, but not quite my natural color there, friend.  I can’t decide if I’ll just live with it because it’s just hair and it will fade and once my roots show, try it again (somewhere else, perhaps) and see if they can match my natural hair color a bit better or if I want to go ahead somewhere else and see if they can work with it.  However, they won’t exactly get to see the light brown color with it like this right now.  Hm.  I’m sure you all care deeply about that.  haha.  Oh well.


2 thoughts on “A Great Invention and a Not So Great Adventure

  1. So, did you get a short cut too? Where’s a picture? I think I have one of Spain we can blow up – we all loved your short haircut. You looked like a model in one of the pictures of you and Darlene in Spain! Bring on the current hairdo photos!

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