Time: Want vs. Need

There’s never enough time in a day, week, or month to do everything you want and/or need to do.  There’s a song by the Postal Service called “There’s Never Enough Time”.  The entire song repeats these four lines: “Can’t do time.  We’ll finally see, there’s barely time, for us to breathe.”  It’s like we can’t stop to see what time it is because there’s so much to be done and if we stop to look, we’ll find out that we haven’t squeezed in time to refresh ourselves.  Why?  Because we are so busy we don’t even notice we have stopped breathing, stopped quieting ourselves. 

I’m feeling the pressure of time in relation to school a lot this week because beginning next Thursday, I’m done teaching classes for the year and begin practices for Spring Celebration (ie. teaching kiddos to dance) for the month of May.

I am not sure what it is this year.  Last year I ended with a different unit than I am ending on this time and maybe that’s putting me off kilter because I didn’t have this “deadline” of sorts looming in the near future.  I didn’t have to think about making sure this unit was done by a certain date.  I also am only focusing on K-2 this year and lately that’s been driving me a little crazy. 

Maybe it’s the limitations it’s put on me this year because I can’t expect them to be ready for some of the things that third through fifth graders are capable of handling (not just with the language, but cognitively and developmentally).  I’ve certainly learned a lot about what these K-2 kids can do…A LOT.  Set the bar and they’ll hurdle right over it.  I’ve really developed my materials and resources to use with them.  I am also noticing the amount of time we have for lessons with them this year as opposed to last yea – 40 and 20 min sessions each week this year and 20/20 lessons each week last year are beginning to take a toll. They’re becoming more restless, understandable for the time of year and that’s a long time for the younger ones. 

Maybe it’s the fact that I felt like I had to reinvent the wheel this year and be fresh, new, inventive and creative this year to give them something brand new so that they weren’t bored with things they’d already done and so that I wouldn’t be bored.  However, that’s started taking a toll because this unit I’ve reinvented “half of the wheel” and kept some of the activities I did last year and added some new ones.  Of course going with the flow and seeing what is and isn’t working, I’m asking myself, “Why didn’t you just do what you did last year?  They responded well to ‘x’ activity.”  So now I’m trying to figure out if I can change something up and still finish the activity by next Thursday.  We’ll see.  The whole reinventing the wheel thing has been a theme as of late…  Not a fan of how I did my lessons this year.  Writing them in a lesson plan book by hand…not so fun as a special area teacher when you have to start a new lesson on a Thursday so you’re constantly flipping back and forth between weeks.  Next year it’s back to the computer for me…  One page per lesson and no flipping back and forth.  When you’re done with it, you’re done.

Anyway, I’m feeling the pressure of time and keeping things up to par and being at my best while doing it.  It’s made me consider the use of time lately.  What I need to do and what I want to do.  I see so many things that I need to do that wouldn’t have been necessary if I just felt comfortable with the “reinventing the wheel” idea, but I’m a perfectionist and I want to give the kids something fresh, but sometimes fresh isn’t always the best.  Some of the new things I’ve done have been great though.

Back to want versus need in regard to time.  There are a lot of things I want to do with my time aside from what I need to do.  It’s hard balancing all of it out, especially when I find myself so close to being “finished” and in some ways over this year and ready for the next.  However, your priorities and your use of time can quickly get sorted out if you start your day out right in the Bible and have the right attitude to begin the day.  That’s something I’ve really tried to be sure I’m doing and let govern my view of the day. 

Our time is so precious and should not be up for grabs when it comes to some of the things we “want” to do or something the world “wants” us to do.  Our time, every minute counts for something and you never know, whether on your own or out in the world if what you do will have an eternal impact.  Yeah, deciding whether I should wait to write lessons or not could have an impact on my kids at school – whether they get the best or mediocre from me and if they get something mediocre from me, what if they decide I just don’t care?  How could that impact them and their view of adults or school or their emotions?  If I’m to be an example, I need to consider how I’m using my time.

What is governing your use of time?  The possiblities of eternity or the here and now?

Random aside: We are 11 away from the 12,000 mark.  Crazy…who reads these ramblings anyway?  haha. 🙂


One thought on “Time: Want vs. Need

  1. Millie Griswold says:

    Sometimes one can reinvent the wheel so much that it becomes a square. Imagine riding in a car with square wheels! That’ll wear one our quickly! Its OK to repeat or tweak activities. Remember, the first time you did the activity it was experimental. The second time it was comfortable and you can tweak it as you go along. Just an old 6th grade teacher talking…
    Love, Grandmother

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