I’ve read (when I’ve had time) several good books lately and Saturday I went to Barnes & Noble in search of something…not sure what at the time, but really?  Who needs an excuse to go to Barnes & Noble?  Not me.  I’m convinced that Barnes & Noble is something God helped a man named either Barnes OR Noble or maybe Barnes AND Noble conceive the idea of such a location.  Nothing is better than the combination of books and coffee.

So, I was perusing books and came across one with the title 11.  I was intrigued, so I looked at the author – Leonard Sweet.  He wrote SoulTsunami, SoulSalsa, The Gospel According to Starbucks, etc.  He wraps culture and the gospel together well.  So, this book was entitled 11: Indispensable Relationships You Can’t Be Without.  I checked out the back cover and became more interested.  Looked at the inside flap and it was pretty much over when I looked at the table of contents. 

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the friendships and relationships I have in my life and who I’m surrounding myself with.  Not that much of it needs to drastically change, but paying more attention to who these people are to me and who I might be to them…  I guess looking at how I can best serve those in my life as a friend whether as an encourager, listener, etc.  This isn’t just who is speaking into my life, but am I also seeking people to speak life into?  Are they there and I’m just not noticing?

The whole concept of the book made me think of the Entourage series we had at church last year.  The funny thing is that in the introduction of the book, he references the tv show Entourage and right off the bat uses the 11 reference in relation to Ocean’s 11.  I’m sure there are going to be references in relation to the 12 disciples here as well.  Anyway, the point: You need people to help you get it done.

The table of contents just fascinates me and I’m excited to read more of it and think about it in relation to my life and friendships.  Check it out:

1 – Who’s your Nathan?  You need an editor.

2 – Who’s your Jonathan?  You need a True Friend.

3 – Who’s your Jethro?  You need a Butt-Kicker.

4 – Who’s your Timothy?  You need a Protege.

5 – Who’s your Barnabas?  You need an Encourager.

6 – Who’s your Peter/Paul?  You need a Yoda.

7 – Who’s your Deborah?  You need a Back-Coverer.

8 – Who’s your Zacchaeus?  You need a Reject.

9 – Who’s your Rhoda?  You need a “Little One”.

10 – Who’s are your VIPs?  You need a Lydia and Lazarus, Rich and Poor

11 – Where’s your Jerusalem?  You need a Place.

12 – The Invisible 12th – You need a Paraclete.

The last two chapters are also intriguing. 

I’m excited.



2 thoughts on “11

  1. shesatomcat says:

    Ditto!…I’m glad exams are over this week cause my book list is getting overwhelming. I’m headed to Borders (sorry B&N!) to look in this book. Sounds fantastical!
    PS- Thanks for the consistent blog love! You rock!

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