Lessons from Charlie

One of my favorite characters on the show LOST has been Charlie Pace…  You know, the infamous bassist for DriveShaft….  You all everybodyyyyyy, you all everybodyyyyyyy…

Anyway, I was watching a rerun and while I’m reading this book by Leonard Sweet, I guess I’m playing a name association game in my mind…  Watching how he started out as a good guy with the right intentions, how the world (and his brother) tore him down, how he tortured himself for it, and then his subsequent “rebirth” into who he was supposed to become has probably been one of my favorite storylines on the show. 

It’s really an everyman (um…and woman) story.  We all have good intentions to do the right thing, go after God, genuinely live our lives and care for ourselves and each other in the right way.  Then there’s the world that tries to woo us into doing things that give us a temporary high, a temporary fix, fleeting pleasure, and in the end drag us into dark places we never thought we’d end up.  We resist well for a while, saying we’ll stop at some point, but the things of this world often become addicting and we continue to fool ourselves and think we’re ok.  We mess up our lives and our relationships.  Then opportunity comes knocking.  A lesson waiting to be learned.  A moth waiting to be followed (ooooh, try and figure out that reference…if you get it, you KNOW that was deep, lol).  You get a chance to start over, something is offered to you that is beyond compare.  New life.  Whether it is simply the chance to live more intentionally and faithfully or the chance to start all over again after creating a huge mess, it’s dangling in front of you.  It’s hard to follow, hard to live out, but worth it. 

On the show Charlie had his ups and downs, highs (literally and figuratively) and lows, but he started over and ended up the person the world never said he would be – a respectable man who ended up taking care of a group of people in the end. 

I don’t know…it’s just a show, just a character, but very easy to connect with…not of course on that druggie level, but…  The light at the end of the tunnel kind of hope we all want.  There’s hope for becoming the person you want to be and are on the journey to becoming.  It’s a long, hard process following the Lord and becoming the person who He wants you to be, but it is worth it, my friend.  It is worth it to discover your divine destiny. 

We are all Charlies (or perhaps Charlenes?) and we all need a Charlie to speak life, encouragement, and hope into.

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