Stop and Consider

Recent events and the reading of Leonard Sweet’s book, 11, have brought me to this post.

Aiming this thought at everyone, whether they teach or not:

Stop and consider your actions and the motives behind them.   Believe it or not, those around you have the power to perceive the motive behind your actions based on your attitude and actions.  You can really tell what or who someone cares about over time based on their attitudes and actions.    To be one person part of the year and then be another person later on just reflects badly on you. 

My heart breaks considering some things I’ve seen from different people at one point during the year and then seeing a completely different attitude and character from that person later on.  Everyone around us, particularly those we have an opportunity to have an impact on, deserve our best all the time, not just when it really counts.  They deserve a genuine YOU.


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