May has been an interesting month.  My parents have visited, some of my kids took part in a Spanish spelling bee, meetings have abounded, we’ve had practice for Spring Celebration almost every day, had two field days at school, gone bowling with my OM team, having our actual Spring Celebration performance yesterday, and some hilarious times with my “special area friends in education” (a little joke we came up with yesterday at lunch as a special areas team).  We are SAFE.  haha.

They make me laugh.  We got tiaras for the field days because we would go out on the back bed of a truck to put out chairs, equipment, coolers, etc. for stations and the kids would wave at us like we were in a parade.  We perfected the beauty queen wave.  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the kids:

“What are you?  Tooth fairies?”

“Look!  It’s the Spanish princesses!”

“Who are you?  The Queen of Spain?”

Gotta love it.

Also amusing was one of my OM kids talking to me while we were eating pizza after bowling.  She’s always good for a laugh and her mom is just as hilarious as she is.  She kept asking me if I was from Spain and then started making up a story about me to tell her mom.

Apparently, I am from “Kendra” and this girl tells her mom, “I don’t know, but I think there are poor people there.”  It was really amusing, but to truly get the hilarity out of it, I’m sure seeing her expression and gestures would help.

On a sad note, this week was the last week of LOST until next year and the last time “the kids” (ie. these incredibly awesome people) could get together at “the family’s” house.  Helped them pack up yesterday and said goodbye last night.  I know they’re off to a beautiful place and bright futures.  Plus it’s a reason to visit a place not too far away that I’ve never been to!


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