The Pirate Hot Pink Barbie

My college roommate (all four years!) is getting married in August and will be moving to Italy for a year for her soon to be husband to finish his art school grad studies.  Terrible place to spend your first year of marriage, right?! 

I was just thinking about some amusing times we had in our NCH dorm where we were infamously known as pirates (complete with pirate flag, treasure chest, hook, and pub).  We decked it out on Halloween and for our Christmas hall decorating contest.  We decked ourselves out as well.  I have an awesome dress that I really need to wear again for Halloween that was inspired by what Keira Knightley wore in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Anyway, one year around the time of the Spring musical (which we were both involved in), we had several events occur that led to a hospital visit and an extra person “living” in our room with us.  We had a really late night and all of us had a hard time falling asleep.  So, it was time to make up stories while we just laid there.  It was then that the story of “The Pirate Hot Pink Barbie” was birthed from the vocal chords of yours truly.  Characters included said pirate, Bob (who was a very…special character), elves, Buddha Barbie, and others.  It is a very riveting tale with characters from around the world and a story that takes place in various locations worldwide.  It even delves into history and the time/space continuum, even suggesting that historical events did not occur as written in history books and encyclopedias.  The truth is yet to be revealed.  This story tells it all.


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