Thousand Mile Song

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to the radio as I head into school and on the station I’ve been listening to (107.9), they’ve had some interesting interviews with people.  Last week it was someone on the the Discovery Channel show The Deadliest Catch and also this guy who wrote a book called Thousand Mile Song.  Being someone who loves music, the title was intriguing to me.  Turns out, this book is about the songs of the whales.  Yes, whale songs.  Did you know whales sing?  Well, they do.  Apparently this guy, who is a jazz musician, has helped researchers learn about the sounds whales make, study the patterns, seasons, tones, etc.  They’ve put microphones into the water at deep levels for days just to record the sounds.  It was a very interesting interview.  They played some of the recorded sounds and gave the website for the book.  Yes, yours truly, geek that I am, checked it out.  It’s interesting.  The guy who wrote the book even recorded himself playing the clarinet in sync with the whale sounds.  It was very cool.  Different, of course, but cool. 

If you are intrigued…check out the website at


One thought on “Thousand Mile Song

  1. shesatomcat says:

    Dude! I love your blog’s new look…perfect for spring time! Is it weird that I’m gonna miss Prof. Tweeker?

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