Summer ’08 Goals

So, now school is officially out and I’ve finally finished all of the end of year meetings, moving, assessments, packing, etc.  Well, save for two meetings next week that I’m voluntarily going to – one which I think I might get paid for and the other I believe I’ll be getting free teaching materials from.  Exciting.

Now that it’s here, there are some things I definitely want to do this summer:

1. Get back into the yoga on a more consistent basis.  Did I mention I love yoga?

2. Get a membership at Costco.  Yeah, I know…it’s right down the road, you could do it any time.  Well, it’s been a more recent thought and the end of the year has been packed full.  Now I might have a moment.

3. Figure out the best way to get to Jackie’s wedding in PA in August…  Drive, train, fly?  Hitchhike?  (Absolutely kidding…)

4. Finish the 3 or so books I’ve STARTED but haven’t finished.  These would include – 11 by Len Sweet, Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus, and something else by my bed that I can’t recall at the moment.

5. Game night or two?

6. Get up to the mountains two, if not three times this summer.  Extended stays all two or three times considering gas…  No back and forth like I did so much last summer.

7. Get a bookshelf.  Heaven knows I’ve needed one for a while…  I just haven’t gotten to it.  It’d certainly help the build up of books in my closet (also serving as a bookshelf, incidentally). 

8. Do my best at tutoring a soon-to-be fourth grader in Spanish.  He has to be one of the coolest fourth graders I’ve ever met.  He is so articulate, well-spoken, smart, and polite.  He goes to Socrates Academy, which is a charter school that is currently doing half day immersion in Greek.  They are thinking of adding partial Spanish immersion.  Very interesting.  He has done so well with Greek that his Greek teacher recommended they look into getting him working with some other languages and suggested Spanish.  He was telling me how he was learning Greek, what they did in class, what kind of activities help him learn best, exactly what he wants to learn (he wanted to know how to greet someone and ask how they are before I even left initially meeting him!), and why he wants to learn it.  It was AWESOME.

9. Visit NoDa.  I’ve heard the gallery crawls are good times.  Wonder if they’re anything like First Friday in Philly…

10. Think about some other reasonable goals for the summer and coming school year. 🙂


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