Savin’ the Dough

So with all this junk going on with fuel costs rising and everything, I’ve really been paying attention lately to how efficient I am with the energy I’m using in my apartment and car.  I’ve also been researching ways to be more efficient and hence save money because goodness knows it’s going to end up being used for gas so I’m gonna need it.  So…here’s my little list…feel free to steal the ideas and use them.

1. Do the dishes in the dishwasher at night and air dry.

2. Unplug unnecessary appliances when not in use.

3. Use the funky twisty lights.  Energy star or something?

4. Use the fan, not the AC.  OR run the AC for a while then switch to the fan.

5. Turn off the AC when you’re not home.  I always turn the AC off in my apartment when I’m leaving to go to school, run errands, go to church, etc.

6. Turn the AC down at night.  Use fewer blankets (hello, Captain Obvious, right?).

7. Buy gas on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I can’t quite remember where I read it, but I’ve been told that gas is at it’s cheapest on those days.

8. Buy gas early in the AM – it expands in heat, so you’ll end up paying more if you buy later in the day as it will fill your tank quicker.

9. Keep the tires full and oil changed.

10. I never buy a full tank of gas.  I always buy when I’m at a quarter of a tank, maybe a little less depending on where I’m traveling and if I’m on a schedule.

11.  When you are driving, coast whenever you can.  I drove to an appointment today in Monroe from Matthews on Idlewild all the way there.  Staying close to the speedlimit and all of the hills on the way there…awesome.  Coasting really saves you gas.  I kept an eye on the gas gauge there and back.  I think it was fruitful?  I have to go back to Monroe later this week, so I guess we’ll really see.

12. Coast to stop lights.  I try to slow down when I know I’m coming up to a light and if you get it right, you never really have to stop and idle and hence waste gas sitting at a light.

13. Find a cheap place to get the gas and stick to it.  There’s a place on the way to school that I got my gas at probably 95% of the time.  I love it.

14. Grocery store bonus cards are your friend.

15. Costco/Sam’s Club/BJ’s are your friendly neightborhood bulk grocery stores.  And they’re home to cheap gas stations too if you’re a member.

16. Walk when you can.

17. Carpool when you can.

18. Make lists before you go shopping for food, clothes, etc.  You’ll stick to it better.

19. Go to the furthest location you have to for errands first then make your way back.

20. Try to have your turns you have to make be the ones closest to you as you’re on the road – in other words, not the ones where you have to wait for the friendly little green arrow.  You waste gas sitting and waiting for it.  I read somewhere that UPS is making that a policy when they are delivering.  They make their routes fit that scenario – making as many turns as possible where they don’t have to sit and wait at the light.

21. This is interesting.  The mircrofueler.  Supposedly becoming available soon at a relatively decent price.

Yeah, I know, a lot of it is obvious things we all know, just figured I’d share with the world some of my own special ideas.  haha.  Or maybe, just maybe I’m a bit OCD and have to do things my way whether they actually make a difference or not.  hahaha.


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