Fits of Laughter, Fits of Sarcasm

So, I went to get my oil changed this morning and brought some fantastically awesome bi-monthly literature with me.  It goes by the title of RELEVANT magazine.   I seriously need to write an ode to RELEVANT.  I must have looked like a complete idiot sitting in the waiting area as I was reading through it, laughing my head off between the hilariously sarcastic slices of goodness written inside and the thought-provoking serious content.  Plus Mike Meyers was on Regis and Kelly and you know what that means…several fits of laughter when I took a moment to look up (rare).

Oh RELEVANT…how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

Is it the delight I feel when I spy a new issue in my mailbox?

Is it the glance at the cover, detailing what is within the recycled pages?

Is it the boldness with which you take on serious issues within our society that lead me to think about things in a new way?

Is it your coverage of incredible music out that you expose me to?

Is it the writers you employ such as Ed Young, Dave Ramsey, Winn Collier, Brett McCracken…or at least give some kind of reward to?

Is it the letters you publish from readers and give smart remarks to in return?

Is it the variety of topics you cover in one issue, from the unhealthy celebrity obsession our culture suffers from to the statements made by writers like Mark Steele about how rollerblading and wiping out is actually a great analogy for our Christian journey?

Is it the clever way you put the table of contents on the last page?

Is it because you give me tons of linkage to check out online, such as the blog of Matthew Paul Turner, king of sarcasm and all things cliche-Christian? (FYI, his blog is linked in my blogroll…and…wait for it…in this little blog post!  I highly recommend it for it’s hilarious content, a laugh, for expanding your knowledge and brain power, and realizing just how silly we as Christians can be sometimes with how we approach the way we try – and often fail miserably – at connecting with culture.  May we use the brains the Lord gave us and take a moment to think before we make, act, speak, or do a thing.)

Is it the news from around the world you share that I otherwise would not know about such as how several cities are going completely “green” and lest we forget, the man who wants to legally change his name to “In God We Trust”?

Is it the way your articles prod me to deeper thought about who I am, where I’m at in my walk with Christ, where I am headed, and how I fit into the greater scheme of of this journey we are all on together called life?

Is it the way you are unafraid to approach social justice issues without worry of offending and more concerned about getting dialogue started?

Is it the way you make me sit here and write an ode to you?

Is it the books you publish (of which I have several)?

Is it the beauty of the design that lies within the pages of each issue?

Is it the fact that you’ve featured an article about a guy who I went to college with and his mission for creating simplicity in the world through an outreach in Philadelphia (The Simple Way) or how you have an add in this issue (July/August ’08) about a documentary (movie?) that is directed, edited, and produced by several people I know because we went to the same college?  (Shameless promotion for Jamie Moffett, Dave Manzo, Deanna Downes, Shane Claiborne, and Ron Sider:

Is it your podcast which causes fits of laughter as well?

Is it your $12 price tag?

Is it the heart with which you set out to create this magazine, seeking to promote and mesh together in a (gasp) RELEVANT way, God, life and progressive culture?

Or is it simply that…you come out every other month and just…rock?

I do not know.  Perhaps it is all the above.  Perhaps there is more.  What I do know is that…I love…youuuuuuuuuuu.

COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU (ie. my blog): Legendary…brought to you by my own thoughts via Ed Young via RELEVANT magazine.


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