I just wanted to further this request for prayer in hopes of others joining in praying for God to do the miraculous in the family of a staff member at Elevation.

Wade Joye is the worship pastor at Elevation and he and his wife Ferris were under the impression that they would be having twin girls sometime in September.  After a recent trip, they came home and on Wednesday, June 18 they had their little girls three months early.  At the outset they both seemed to be doing very well for being twins and being born so early.  Tonight Wade made a post on his blog requesting specific prayer for Liana.  She is the smaller of the two and has a brain bleed that is of great concern. 

Wade and Ferris have been such a blessing to me and to the church.  They have been very strong and at peace about everything that has happened in the last few days.  Right now they are praying a “sun stand still” prayer that God would completely reverse the condition and on Wednesday that her brain scan would come back normal and no one could be blamed but GOD.  It is indeed a “sun stand still” prayer – audacious, accurate, and requiring action on our part with prayer.  I would like to ask that you all pray for their family, the twins (the other twin is doing relatively well, praise God!), doctors, and Wade and Ferris that they find strength, encouragement and hope in each other and the Lord during the coming days and weeks.

They inspire me with their confidence, faith, and trust in the Lord at this time.  There are more specifics and more words from Wade on his blog here.

Thank you!


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