Search Engine Terms

There’s a feature on wordpress that has recently become very amusing to me.  One of the things that they will track for you on your blog is the search engine terms that people use and somehow direct them to your site.  I’ve been very entertained.  I should really start keeping track of these.  Here are a few:

  • Kermit the frog
  • Elementary Teachers Blogs
  • physical journey quotes (what?)
  • nomacca middleton (someone is famous…)
  • Kermit de frog
  • 80s themed slumber parties
  • hermit d. frog
  • frog in the car
  • hot pink coffee pot (would never own one of those!)
  • barbie pirate
  • im high
  • sawyer lost fotografie (someone needs to learn to spell!)
  • hermet (disgraceful!)
  • hermit the frog (inconceivable!)
  • pastor and frog (I am intrigued!)
  • eric b slouch socks (I’m baffled…)
  • feliz navidat (reminds me of this post!)
  • The Muppet Movie (Muppets Take Manhattan is a MUCH better muppet movie.  Best ever.  Don’t agree?  Come over.  We’ll watch it.  It shall be proven.)

It is clear what I am famous for.  A little green frog I named my first car after.

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