Happy and Inspiring Updates

I’ve been paying close attention to three blogs lately.  Two of those belong to Wade and Ferris Joye considering all that is going on in their lives with the three month early premature birth of their twin girls, Adleigh and Liana.  The other is the adoption blog of my friends, Josh and Bethany.  So, here is an update on both…

Wade and Ferris have been so firm in their faith and belief that God will heal their girls and that they will come home healthy and sooner than doctors and nurses believe possible.  They’ve been praying a sun stand still prayer for Liana in particular since she is the smallest and sickest.  She had a grade 4 brain bleed and had another brain scan yesterday.  The prayer is that God will completely reverse this condition.  God has begun his work in her tiny body and the condition is in the first steps of being reversed!  Both of the girls are being treated with medication to close their heart valves.  Right now they are praying for the valves around each of their hearts will close because this will make it infinitely easier for them to breathe and that they could be an encouragement to other families in the NICU at the hospital.  They have definitely been an encouragement and inspiration to me, whether they know it or not, due to their trust, faith, and confidence in the Lord.  You can read more on both of their blogs and continue to follow everything.  Continue to pray for their family as well.

Josh and Bethany began their adoption journey way back in April of last year and started a blog about the process.  I know both of them from when my family lived in Maine.  Gosh, I’ve known them for about sixteen years now!  Of course things have changed and time has put us in different places, but they have always been kind and they are now in northern Virginia.  Recently (as in yesterday and today!) they posted that they have decided to pursue TWO children from Ethiopia and the process is picking up speed as they have decided to adopt an older sibling group that are on a list for the Waiting Children Program.  This refers to children who are older, may have some kind of disability and are often times overlooked in favor of younger children.  Initially they had also been looking for an infant, but their hearts were pulled towards these kids and now they are awaiting the possibility of having a little boy and a little girl joining them in December or January!  It’s been great to follow all of this.  Check their blog out here.


2 thoughts on “Happy and Inspiring Updates

  1. Just as an FYI, the only reason it was free burrito day is because it was its grand opening. We had 2 Chipotles open up about a month apart from each other, and both are less than 15 minutes from campus.
    : )
    Lucky ENC students…

  2. jtaylortime says:

    Lindsey, thanks for highlighting our adoption!!! Our site had close to 175 hits the other day. We are trusting God to provide all we need to bring these two cuties home! And Hilary offered to think through a t-shirt design for us. . how cool!

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