Euro 2008

Spain vs. Germany in the Euro 2008 final!   2:30pm Sunday on ESPN!! 

I’m going to watch, of course.  Probably pull out the ol’ soccer jersey from Spain.  I hate that I never made it to a game while I was in Spain.  I did stop by a stadium with a friend and I did live across the street from one for a while…I just didn’t end up going.

It’s really hilarious looking at how crazy the soccer…um…football fans are over in Europe.  They’re totally hardcore.  I mean, check out these fans:

The Italian Ronald McDonald?

Cute little Irish fan.

Swiss cheese

Dutch crazy

Turkey…also crazy.

Minnie likes soccer.

Look!  Vikings!

But lest we forget, this is a Spain fan’s blog, so let’s get back to that, shall we?


Frequently seen pose by all fans…

Now if that isn’t cute, I don’t know what is…  The soccer cleat ears really make the outfit.

I love this.  Brings together generations.

I love this picture…except for the tag on it.

And these are my final words…


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