Happiness is…

Today, happiness is…

  • a cup of coffee in my hands
  • a couple of real sweet, cute kids in Quest today
  • an awesome worship experience today
  • getting the new Elevation worship cd a week early
  • getting 3 free remixes from the worship cd
  • sleep…and being awake as Pastor Ed Young put it today in the last sermon of the ONE Prayer series
  • watching a new father in his element leading worship radiating joy, contentment, thankfulness, and a grateful heart to God for all He has done in the last week and a half for his family.  The Healer has come to make even the tiniest among us whole.
  • watching the US Olympic Swim trials tonight.
  • Watching Spain vs. Germany in the Euro 2008 finals today!  That’s right.  The flag is out and the shirt is on…  I have number seven on my back.  Wonder who that is…  And it is apparently, this guy, David Villa.  Vamonos David!  I love it.  They’re so hardcore.  Both teams.  Goooooooooooooooool de Espana!


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