Prayer and Laughter

First and foremost, please pray for the Joye family right now.  Wade recently posted that Liana, the sickest of their two little twin girls, is having a rough go of it now after her heart surgery.  Please read and pray for an immediate healing and restoration to her little body, especially a decrease in the inflammation and fluid in her lungs.

Second thing, laughter ensued with Jack, the kid I’m tutoring in Spanish, when we wrote a Mad-Lib together.  Jack Black became the presidente of Greece and the missing letter “A” from the alfabeto was found on top of the Empire State Building.

The final piece of laughter is probably one of the most amusing and unexpected things that has happened to me in a while.  I’ve been scoping out a good place to get back into yoga on a regular basis and of course paying gives you good reason in that area, right?  So I was looking at several gyms around here and other things they offered like cycling and whatnot.  Well, there’s a new place opening called Energy Sports & Fitness.  The website looks spectacular and the video of what the facility will look like is amazing.  There are cinema rooms with a flat screen tv where you can watch movies and cycle and do the treadmills, little tvs on other machines in different areas, free motion equipment (very cool), and a really nice studio and women’s area.  There just was no listing of price.  So I went by the preview center today to ask some questions.  They are opening the actual facility (right across from the preview center) in about three weeks.  So the guy showed me around, what equipment they’d be having, etc.  So then we sit down and he shows me classes they’d have and pricing.  Very reasonable if you get in early.  I think membership is going up to $35 tomorrow and then about the same per month.  It was going to be $20 today and then no membership payments until September, but that’d be kind of pointless for me since I’ll be up in the mountains a lot this month… 

ANYWAY.  The amusing part…  He asked where I worked and the convo went something like this:

Me:Union County Schools.

Him: Oh, what school?

Me: Unionville.

Him: Oh really, I went to Unionville.

Me: Really?  You’re kidding.

Him: Wow, and you’re 24.  I’m 24.

Me: This is crazy.

Him: So who were some of your teachers?

Me: Well, I only went there kindergarten through second and then my family moved to Maine.  But I had Ms. Crook in kindergarten, Ms. Livingston in first, and Ms. VanArsdol in second.

Him: No kidding.  I had some of those teachers.

Me: (laughed)  Yeah, I really remember kindergarten the most.  There was one kid that swallowed a couple quarters and brought in the x-rays for show and tell.

Him (surprised look): Yeah, that was me.

Me (same look): Are you serious?  No way.  That is too funny!

Him: Yeah, and it was only one quarter.  I found it on the playground and had nowhere to put it, so I put it in my mouth.

Me: (continued laughter)

Probably the highlight of my day.  I had actually wondered if it was him because after we realized we went to the same elementary school and probably had the same teacher, I saw a business card on his desk that said “Grant” and I distinctly remember a kid named Grant in my kindergarten class who brought in the x-rays of his stomach to show how he’d swallowed quarters for show and tell.  Amazing.  Incredibly small world.  That alone was almost a good reason for me to join…the amusement factor and an odd connection.  haha. 

I’m still contemplating and if anyone wants to join with, I’m all about that extra motivation!

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