The Deadliest

So, back in May sometime, I was driving to school one morning and listening to the radio.  The radio somehow took place of my cd player when I got a new car and then again when my iTunes decided it didn’t like me and wouldn’t charge my iPod for a while.  Anyway, on the way to school one morning, they started interviewing a guy named Andy Hillstrand.  He’s on the Discovery Channel show The Deadliest Catch.

I’d heard of the show, knew nothing about it.  So they were talking to him about what he does, how dangerous it is, crazy situations he’s run into with the job on a daily basis, and how the show had a new season starting in June.  It was actually kind of intriguing, but I soon forgot about it and didn’t think of it again since things got insane with the end of school coming up.

Then vacation finally arrived.  I was flipping through channels one night early in June and saw that The Deadliest Catch was on.  So I watched and it was very intriguing, very interesting stuff.  As a bonus, who wouldn’t love a show that had “Dead or Alive” by Jon Bon Jovi as it’s theme?  Cowboys of the sea, my friends.  This show is kind of a reality documentary type that follows the day to day work of the captains and crews on about five to eight fishing boats (Is it a testament to my attentiveness or my inherent geek status that I could name most of the boats and captains right now?) and their main “catch” (yeah, what a pun, I know) is Alaskan king crabs.  Here are the infamous skippers (who have very cool names, by the way…  Sig, Phil, Keith, Sten, Rick, Andy, Jonathan…total cowboy names, right??  ha!).  Yes, they are in fact standing on crabs.  I would too.  Stomp on them actually.  Death to the crabs!

It’s kind of ironic that I watch this show, considering I hate seafood.  It’s really crazy to watch though.  The different crews and captains on the different boats have completely different atmospheres and relationships with each other, their catches are different, they all have insane situations they deal with almost daily (power outages, crazy weather conditions, health issues, dangerous equipment mishaps, waves, attitudes, etc.), their competitiveness (tracking how much more crab they’ve caught than other boats), etc.  It’s drama on the high, freezing cold Bering seas, folks. 

Who’s ready to switch jobs??  Ready to risk your life on one of these?

And catch these?

That’s what I thought…  It’s kind of funny cause right now my parents are probably somewhere in the Bering Sea on a cruise ship around Alaska.  Who knows, maybe they’ve had a run in with one of the captains and made friends.  My dad would love that, I bet, since he loves fishing, has some kind of obsession with Alaska, and cold weather.  haha.  (Please note the sarcasm in that whole last paragraph.)

Anyway.  The show is pretty good, I have to say.  It’s a job you don’t know too much about, gives you a clue where some of your food comes from and the work that goes into getting it (I mean, people die in this job, get limbs taken off!), you see how the job affects their personal lives, how the job shapes their interactions with people and their personality, different jobs of crew members, boat hierarchy, even family relationships (the captain of one boat has his two sons working for him as deckhands and on another there are two brothers who co-captain a boat).  It’s quite entertaining and quite educational.  It almost makes me want to try crab.  Almost.  Not likely to happen though.  Ever.

“Catch” it.  Tuesdays @ 9PM on Discovery Channel.  Even better, it appears that Saturday and Sunday from 11am on it’s a Deadliest Catch marathon on Discovery.  Yay!  Aren’t we all thrilled?!  And for all you crazy readers who wait on the edge of your seat for a post from me and are reading this at 10:04 PM, it’s on right now!  Go you crazies! 

Again…note the sarcasm. 😀


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