Days of the Week

I think the names for the days of the week should be listed differently on someone’s calendar if they attend Elevation Church.  During the school year I’ll go through in my head about things I need to do on different days and do it in Spanish.  Other times…it goes like this.  The days of the week are:

Elevation, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Elevation, Monday, Tuesday…

Today was definitely an Elevation day through and through.  I went to the 8:30 service and thoroughly enjoyed the fact that Pastor let the worship guys loose for an extended time due to the cd release today.  We started a series today called “Encore” that is going to use messages that Pastor Steven had from previous series that just never got in there due to time constraints, something God put on his heart, etc.  He’s been off stage for almost three weeks due to the ONE Prayer series and today was his big day back…or so he thought.  Then God set something in motion that actually began last year in September with the Sun Stand Still series and the song of the same name that Wade wrote.  Pastor used today to inspire us all to greater faith and greater prayers by allowing Wade to share all that has happened with his wife, Ferris, and the three month premature birth of their twin girls.  It was so touching, inspiring, and I wish they’d had kleenex available!!  Perfect way to start the “Encore” series though, a song our worship pastor wrote almost a year ago and he’s living it out, as Pastor shared.  I actually started crying when I noticed Wade was wearing two hospital bracelets which I’m wondering if they were Adleigh and Liana’s.  It was an incredible way to start the series, start the morning, and a good day for the cd’s release.  I recommend going and watching the “sermon” on the church website.  It’s well worth it.  An amazing story.  If I’m correct, it should be up sometime tomorrow.

I worked in Quest during the 10am service and then helped sell the cd for the last two.  They went like hotcakes!  I think at Providence alone we sold over 1,000 cds.  The wonderful thing about selling them today is that a dime of every dollar was going to be donated to Wade and Ferris to help with what will surely be astronomical hospital bills.  I’m so proud and happy to be part of a church that knows how to honor it’s leaders, care for each other, and surround each other with support like a family.  Go buy that cd.  Now.  You’ll be glad you did.  It’s on DigStation and will soon be available through Cd Baby and iTunes.

Then, tonight was Meet Me @ McGlohon.  It was the first chance for a lot of us to see the new Uptown campus.  It’s right in the center of town next to Discovery Place and very close to Bobcat Arena.  It is a beautiful facility.  Very different and it was good to check it out.  The place got packed out!  It was awesome.  Pastor said that he wondered how many would show up tonight and he wondered what the place would look like as a packed house.  He’s not going to have to wonder anymore!  There are a lot of amazing things that are going to start happening in this city and getting a campus in the middle of it is going to be a huge breakthrough.  We were asked to talk someone about our expectations for the campus…  “I can see God doing….”  I can certainly see the place packed out and needing overflow the first day it is opened.  Two or three services by the end of the year.  People walking in off of the streets out of curiosity on August 24, the date of the first service to be held at McGlohon.  Mack, Wade, and Chris rocked that building and lead an incredible time of worship.  There was a lot of faith in that building tonight and I’m incredibly thankful for a church with a pastor, staff, and volunteers who are so excited and audacious to believe that what we’ve been doing for 27 months at Butler and Providence have been good warm ups for what is about to happen.  Pastor Steven reminded us that the church is always in motion, moving forward.  Our job is not to stop, as Moses told the peopleto do at the Red Sea.  Just as God interrupted him to say “Move on!”, so we are to move on and keep our hands in His as He moves us forward into deeper waters.  The analogy was great and you can read about it on his blog here.  Today, tonight is going to be monumental when we look back a year from now, six months from now and see what God will have done as He moved among His people because Elevation decided to step out.

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Rock Bottom across the street for a little something to eat. That was fun.  Got to meet several new people and they were awesome.  Then I rode back to Matthews with Erika and Cristina and had more wonderful conversation.

I don’t know what else to say about what today was, but I’m thankful for it.  Thankful for my church, my Pastor, for vision, worship, friends, new people…


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