Oh the Cleverness of Me

Not really, but that’s what I hear in my head right now.  I’m back up in the mountains through next week and I just got back from helping with the Blowing Rock Stage Company’s production of Peter Pan.  I can’t escape it.  Theatre that is.  And I can’t say that I ever want to.  🙂

Laughter has been plentiful up here.  Between getting me and my middle sister, Hilary, together and adding in my mom and dad and grandmother, it’s pretty hilarious up here.  Games provide plenty of laughter and sarcasm.  Smart comments are all over the place.  It’s awesome.  Hilary’s boyfriend, Andrew, is coming up tonight and staying through Sunday.  I hope he knows what he’s in for.  But, we have heard his jokes…  What time is your dentist appointment?  “Tooth-irty”  Hmm.  We’ll see what happens. 

I did something I’ve never done before up here.  I went to Cornerstone, one of the greatest bookstores ever, and left without a thing.  That was serious discipline on my part.  I’m trying to finish like 3 or 4 books I’m half way through before I do that.  We’ll see if that lasts since I’m up here through next week…

At some point this weekend we’re going to Elk River Falls, Mast General Store in Valle Crucis, the giant food mecca of Golden Coral (also the unfortunate name of a child in one of my friend’s students at a school), downtown Blowing Rock to walk and window shop, and see the park, and of course, going to Canyons, a restaurant with an AWESOME view of the mountains and a live jazz brunch on Sunday.

Should be fun!


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