And we’re back in Charlotte…

The mountains were good.  Very good to be in my mountains with my family.  Fun times and lots of reading, laughter and sarcasm per usual!

While I was up there, I actually bought a fiction book and let me tell you, it’s been quite a while since I’ve read an actual fiction book.  I bought A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers.  It is the first book in the Mark of the Lion series.  Last year I remember LB reading one of these books and Kelly Draddy mentioning Francine Rivers’ books and the Lineage of Grace series.  Kelly Mac wrote about Redeeming Love on her blog, so there’s another book to read later.  haha.  Anyway, I’ve read a couple of the Lineage of Grace books (about those in the line of Jesus’ family – Tamar, Rahab, etc.).  I bought this almost 500 page book and I’m telling you…it’s dang good.

Can a book wreck you?  This book has wrecked me.  It takes place around 117 AD and is just phenomenally written.  Descriptive about the setting, people, and what is occurring.  The whole premise of the book. the unfolding of the plot and the outcome…completely wrecked me.  Though it is fiction, it really challenged me in my faith.  Just awesome.  I highly recommend it.  I stayed up past midnight for a few days reading it.  I finished it and now have the second book already. 

In other news, while in the mountains I had my tires balanced and rotated because my steering wheel was shaking.  They said my tires were wearing funny because of the tires needing to be balanced, so I was going to get some new ones when I got back down here.  Yesterday I was driving back down here with my mom so I could take her to the airport today.  Well, on 421 aside from seeing a cow wander in the road, we heard a soft pop and didn’t think much of it, a bug hitting the window hard or something.  Well, then my spedometer stopped…then my odometer.  Then they worked again….then they didn’t.  So I drove all the way to Charlotte on 77 and 74 going with the flow of traffic, no idea how fast I was going.  At a light my car did that slight jerk movement as I let up on the brake to speed back up again, so we checked my transmission fluid.  It was a little low, but seemed ok and nothing was burning.  I’d just get it checked with the tires on Monday.  We go to the bank and as we leave my car jerks up to 3RPM just to get going.  I coast into the parking lot at my apartment and lo and behold, almost NO transmission fluid.  I had the transmission fluid checked back in June when I had an oil change, so I was a bit upset that perhaps in their million point check that the garage hadn’t really done it.  We find out that apparently your spedometer and odometer are connected to your transmission.  Makes sense, I guess since your transmission helps you shift and you shift gears when you speed up.  Just made getting it fixed a lot more expensive.  So, yesterday I got my car towed, am awaiting a diagnostic to find out the problem and how much AND got a rental car for the forseeable future.  All I can say is thank goodness my mom was around to help me work it all out and at least this didn’t happen the middle of the month when I’m supposed to be heading up to PA for Jackie’s wedding.  That would have been a NIGHTMARE.  Seriously.  This is my third car since my senior year in college and after all the issues with my last car, I think I’m paranoid about cars.  haha.

And last but not least, I had the honor and pleasure of being invited to a baby shower for Ferris and it was lovely.  Kelly did a great job planning it all and getting it in order and I was thrilled to see yet again Elevation rise to the occasion and give selflessly to help them out and give them things they will need for Adleigh and Liana.

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