Friday Five

At long last, here is the Friday Five resurrected.  And there might be a double Friday Five because A) I missed last week and B) I might miss next Friday too since I’ll be in PA.  So here we go…

Friday 5: Five Reasons the Olympics are Awesome (aka Why I am borderline obsessed with the Olympics)

1. Swimming & Diving – I don’t know.  It’s just flipping awesome.  Human fish.  Seen that Visa commercial with what’s his name narrating saying if the lighting is just right, you might think Michael Phelps is a fish?  I remember in 2004 in Sydney, my roommate was studying abroad in Australia and that made it all the more interesting.

2. Gymnastics – I remember when I was little reading about Mary Lou Retton and Shannon Miller.  I think I even wrote a paper on Shannon Miller.  People being more flexible than I’ll ever be.  Go them.

3. Background stories – I love the interviews and stories they do with athletes, talking about their training, their life, things they’ve overcome, stories about athletes that might not medal, but have an incredible desire to be there…  Love it.

4. Commentary – It’s just really amusing at times.  There’s nothing more to say about it than that.  I would LOVE to be part of a news crew behind the scenes covering the Olympics.  That would be pretty freaking amazing.

5. The Celebration – It’s like a constant good time, feel good atmosphere.  It’s competitive and about the win, but it’s also about togetherness.  I love it.

Friday Five Extra: 5 Reasons Next Weekend Will Rock

1. Jackie’s Wedding – My lovely college roommate is getting married on Saturday the 16th.  I’m excited about going up and being able to see her as she gets married and before she jets off to Rome for a year while her soon to be husband, Kristoffer, does year at art school there. 

2. Seeing Jen (and a few other people!) – Jen got married this summer too!  And I’m going to get to see her and even stay with her and her husband while I’m up there (many thanks to you both!).  It will be so good to see her, talk about teaching, and just hang out!!  It’ll also be great to get together with a few other people (hopefully it will work out!) while I’m there.

3. Great Harvest Bread – I just found out there’s one here in Charlotte.  I’m going to have to keep checking their bread menu.  This month’s is nowhere near what the Wayne, PA store’s is.  They have some of my favorites on the menu in Wayne.  I will be returning to NC with some goooooooooood bread.  I mean seriously…  Honey Whole Wheat, Apple Pie Bread, Pizza Bread, S’More Bread, Cranberry Orange Nut, Apple Crumb, Pesto Parmesean, Cinnamon Swirl…  YUM!!!

4. South Street – A lovely location in Philadelphia where the streets are lined with very interestig shops and fun places to visit.  We’re having Jackie’s shower here.

5. Travel – Thank goodness this drama with my car is happening now.  I love driving and travel, so it will be nice to get away, drive, be able to play music on my iPod, think, and enjoy the journey.


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