LOST: PA version

What a trip!  It was eventful, fun, crazy, tiring, and superbly awesome.  Let’s take a look at all of the interesting things that happened:

  • On Thursday, I got up, get gas for $3.77!!!  Pick up some coffee with a gift card I’d gotten only to get a receipt with a stamp that told me if I found a Starbucks after 2pm on Thursday.  God was showering me in caffeinated goodness.
  • Got entirely twisted around and went in circles and diagonal sprints across Phoenixville trying to find Jen’s house.
  • Once at Jen’s had lovely conversation about life, school, the Olympics, and other fun things.
  • During conversation, I get up to use the restroom, Jen goes to get her wedding pictures for me to see.  Go to room and see something flying around the room I’m in, so I close the door.  Perhaps Jen has a bird?  Nope.  I came face to face with…A BAT! 
  • Call the landlord to come and take care of things (wouldn’t you know Jen’s husband Phil was out of town Thursday night…that would happen, haha).  The bat has disappeared.  Landlord leaves…Phil calls and asks her to just check again to be sure it flew out.  Sure enough, BATMAN is back.  Finally, the landlord comes and the bat dies of a beating by a tennis racket.
  • Laaaaaaaaate bedtime after watching the Olympics and gymnastics with Jen.
  • Off to Laker house to help set up for Jackie and Kristoffer’s reception.  What did I do?  Met up with Jackie and her family, saw Kristoffer, met his best man Alastair (can I tell you how much I enjoy that name?  You don’t hear names like that anymore.  I think it’s pretty awesome.  And he was a nice guy.), helped string lights, managed to get lost going to King of Prussia, went and got a bridal shower gift, stopped at Home Depot to pick up sand for luminaries, and then headed to Eastern for the bridal shower.
  • Take Jackie to her house to drop off/pick up things.  Have an incident with a random little green spider in my car.  Yes, batman and spiderman have made appearances.
  • After bridal shower, I headed to IKEA to use up time while they had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  That place is pretty insane.  I’m glad we’re getting one here.
  • 9:30pm…in McInnis lot at Eastern.  Ashleigh calls…we leave Eastern with everyone for Jackie’s bachelorette party around 10pm instead of 9:30pm.
  • Stop at Teresa’s to play some games, allow people to change, and await the arrival of Jackie’s surprise – Erika and Greg coming down from Maine! 
  • 11:20pm-ish…head to South Street and Downey’s in a very round about way in which we manage to practically go around the whole city.  We finally arrive an hour later…shouldn’t have taken that long, but hooray construction.
  • 12:…am Chelle and Jackie sing some karaoke, we meet a random guy who tattoos one of Jackie’s arms with Kristoffer’s name, meet a woman who is probably a bit…tipsy shall we say and who thoroughly enjoys meeting brides.  She also thinks she knows Jackie’s sister and that her name is Fran.  Amusing.
  • 1:45am I left with Ashleigh who brought me back to Eastern after some twists and turns around the city (again, kind of lost) and then manage to get myself lost driving to Jen’s.  I finally get back at like 3:40am and in bed around 4am.
  • Up at 8:30am and had breakfast with Jen and headed over to the Laker house again to help get everything in place for the reception.  Ashleigh and I spent a ridiculous amount of time literally wrapping the tables in table cloths because of the wind (however, it was beautiful outside – sunny, a breeze, not humid like it had been, a gorgeous day for a wedding!), decorating the table, scooping sand into luminaries, adding in tea lights, arranging centerpieces and luminaries, making signs for parking, investigating parking, making a WaWa trip (one thing I REALLY miss about PA) for food, creating some art out of food for the chocolate fountains, unwrapping things, doing dishes, yelling at people to leave since their daughter was going to be getting married and they needed time to get themselves ready, yelling at the groom to take a shower…
  • Left at about 4:30pm.  Went back to Jen’s and got myself ready.  Got directions from Jen and Phil on how to get to Eastern from their house, considering all I got was lost on the initial directions I had.  I wanted to leave at 6pm to get there in time (takes 30 min. to get there).  I left at 6:15pm.
  • 6:40pm…LOST.  Of course.  Now, you must understand, I got directions from Google Maps from Jen’s to Eastern…  Then I got some from Mapquest the next time.  Then I called my mom to see what she came up with.  Then I had talked to Jen and Phil.  Every single freaking time…LOST.  It might help to know that I never had reason to head out to Phoenixville while I attended Eastern, so I wasn’t really familiar with that part of the area, so that made it worse. 
  • 6:55pm…  Texting Ashleigh that I finally found Upper Gulph and I would be there soon.
  • 7:02pm…  Arrive at Eastern…  They’d waited for me!
  • Wish I’d had kleenex.  I was way more emotional about everything than I thought I’d be considering she was getting married (happy emotional, by the way) and they both would be leaving the country for a year very soon.  The end of an era and beginning of another.
  • 7:30pm-ish…  Hijinks after the wedding involving the bread and wine from the communion while waiting for the bridal party being ready to leave.
  • Left Eastern giving Alastair a ride to the reception while Mike (the matron of honor’s husband) drove Jackie and Kristoffer.  We had people following us.  Guess what?!  You know what happened, yes?  I GOT LOST AGAIN!  Thank the Lord for patient people and good conversation despite circumstances.  I felt so ridiculous having to turn around a couple times with part of the wedding party in my car knowing we’d be a bit late AND having people follow me.  GOSH.  Alastair, if you ever read this…thanks for your patience, understanding, help, navigating skills, conversation, and for being a part of making everything happen this weekend.  haha.   What an adventure.
  • We finally arrive… Cake, pictures, dancing, garter and bouquet fun, food, hugs, cards, drawing, laughs, tears, and other such happenings.
  • The next morning…  I leave, get back into NC, my butt hurts from sitting for so long, and I head to McGlohon for the preview service for the Uptown campus.  Hooray.  I got to stand for a good while instead of sit!  And man was I glad I made it for that…the theatre was on FIRE.  The guys did an awesome job with music and next Sunday is going to be phenomenal.

The. End.  Finally.  I’ve gotten about 9 hours of sleep in the last 2 days.  And I have to get up for school tomorrow.  Ah well.  It was absolutely worth it.  Pictures to come!

3 thoughts on “LOST: PA version

  1. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time. I understand about getting lost in that area (so does Aunt Terry – remember your graduation?). SOOO – I promise a GPS for you – too bad I didn’t think about it when I was down there the week before!

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