So we’re on day 7 of the Daniel fast.  Since last Sunday I’ve made some discoveries…

  • The first two days are the worst!  I craved a turkey sandwich and chicken terribly those first two days.
  • You will spend double the time in the grocery store.  Seriously.  Looking at ingredients, checking prices and comparing prices of natural/fresh/organic foods takes time!  You really have to be careful on a fast like this! 
  • While it may be more time consuming and more costly, there are great benefits healthwise.
  • I have found foods I never would have tried before that I like.  Namely at the top of the list would be natural, organic peanut butter.  All it is is raw peanuts and MAYBE a little sea salt.  It’s really quite delicious.  It makes you realize how much sugar is in regular peanut butter and now, it kind of even sounds gross.  Ezekiel bread isn’t bad either.  No flour, just “sprouts”.  It’s really weird, hard to explain.  Look up “ezekiel bread” on google and figure it out.
  • Going back to being able to eat meats and other foods will be kind of interesting, weird and hard.  Not that I won’t do it!  I love my meats and couldn’t survive without milk and dairy.  It’s just going to take time – gotta be careful easing the digestive system back into it.
  • I’m really glad I’m doing this because it’s helping me discover new foods I never would have tried and they’ll be subtle changes in my diet even after the fast.
  • The mulligatawny soup has done me well!  I’m going to do some rice and beans next, perhaps some whole wheat pasta and a vegetarian chili.
  • Daily diet has been: toasted Ezekiel bread, organic peanut butter and a banana, mulligatawny soup, sliced apple and peanut butter, plain almonds, more soup, more apple or banana.  Been drinking water, 100% orange juice and 100% natural grape/cranberry juice.
  • God is doing some awesome things in church through the volunteers and staff as we go through this.  This past weekend we had a student event and 180 or so students gave their lives to Christ as we helped “awaken” what God has put inside of them and has in store for them as the enter the new school year tomorrow.  Think of where they could have spend Friday and Saturday night…  Instead they were in the presence of God this last weekend before school began.
  • I think I’m really going to like the new area I’m volunteering in (though today I was back at Providence and helped tear down and I am really going to miss my people and the kids!).  I’m going to be doing connecting for community groups (small groups) at the new Uptown campus.  It’s really exciting helping plug people into groups all across town so that they can gain an entourage.
  • Uptown’s launch service…  Just great!  The atmosphere was welcoming and fun, the band did a phenomenal job, the new series fit perfectly for the beginning of a new school year (in general a time for new beginnings for everyone!), Pastor Steven preached his face off (he’s preached 6 times in three days – Fri. and Sat. at the student event and four times today!), God moved and around 90 (I believe – I’ll get corrections if needed) people gave their life to Christ in that one service at Uptown alone!  There were around 500 people there for the launch of the new campus and that was great.  The next two weeks we’re not able to meet at McGlohon because some random benchpressing competition is being held?  haha.  That stuff was scheduled before Elevation’s contract was put in place.  Soooo, we’re meeting at BELK THEATRE for the next two weeks instead.  CRAZY.  There are like 2,000 seats there!  Perhaps that’s a hint from God, who knows, but it’ll still be phenomenal!
  • 427 people total gave their lives to Christ today across 3 campuses and 7 services.  Why?  Because the gospel (the series we’re doing now for the next three weeks) is still powerful, has the ability to reach people, and people are ready to reach out and respond to God’s call.  Amazing.
  • School starts tomorrow…  Ready…and not ready at the same time!!

One thought on “Discoveries

  1. Erin H says:

    You are so right about the first days being the hardest, it seems to get a little easier everyday (knock on wood!) 🙂

    Missing you in Quest!

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