We’ve been back in school for a week and a half so far and the busy life of everyday has returned.  At least for now, once beginning of the year things are taken care of and classes are back in the swing of things…maybe it won’t be so chaotic.  We’ve all just got to get used to it again.  I’ve got to get used to doing K-5 again (as opposed to just K-2 as I did last year) and being on a cart again part of the week.  It’ll all come back.  Eventually.  haha.

I wish I had a more interesting post for everyone, but school is just filling up my days! 

I will say that we are on day 17 of the Daniel fast at church.  The hardest day so far was this past Sunday when we met at Belk theatre and there were restaurants across the street…  Then today we had a staff meeting/baby shower for a kindergarten teacher who will be going on maternity leave soon.  They had cake.  I took a piece and sat down.  I looked at it and then remembered…no sugar.  So, I took it back, untouched.  Ah well.  Last night I did have some tasty oven roasted potatoes and I made a recipe that Kelly H. posted on her blog for Mexican Chereezo Stuffer.  It’s delicious!  I definitely plan on making it post-fast as well, Kelly!


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