An Election Year

Well, it’s about time I just ‘fess up to it…

Hi.  My name is Lindsey and I’m a closet political enthusiast.


I remember being in third grade in Maine during the election year when the elder Bush ran against Bill Clinton (1992, I believe).  My friend Nicole and I, already political gurus at eight or nine years of age, decided for one of our writing projects that we would write a book together about the election.   The interesting twist here: we had differing views.  Yes, as third graders we debated (probably more like argued, haha) about who was better – Bush or Clinton.  We wrote the book and I distinctly remember the cover we drew for it as well as writing it.  I remember the spot between two bookcases against the wall where we’d sit and talk about it, do some of the writing, etc.  I remember one distinct line in what I wrote for my part and there’s a good reason it sticks out in my memory.  I recall writing something along the lines of the following, “…Clinton called Bush a ‘chicken man'”.  Do I remember where I heard this sentiment?  No.  Did he really say that?  Maybe.  Did I take offense to it as someone with serious political interest in third grade?  Yes.  Does it make me laugh now?  Yes.  I also remember a school-wide vote we did on election day when third through fifth grade got to cast their vote for president.

After that, I think I could have cared less during the Clinton years, I was way too involved in middle school drama (though I admit, most of it was good – I liked my teachers and wanted to do my best).  When I got into college, an election year fell during my semester abroad in Spain and I had to do an absentee ballot.  That was interesting…  I wrote a somewhat perturbed post on my former blog (here if you want a look back at the college years) about how ignorant Americans could be about their activities and place in the world (thinking they are the best thing ever – mostly relating to how college students act getting insanely drunk while abroad and looking ridiculous to other countries because of it).

And now here we are again.  Another election year.  Let me say, I was enticed somewhat by Obama’s eloquent speeches and ideas at first.  I wasn’t really interested in the Republican candidates, save for maybe a passing interest should Fred Thompson have been nominated or Mike Huckabee perhaps.  McCain won the primaries and well, I still wasn’t very interested.  All you heard about was Obama and eventually, it became overkill.  I’m sick of the skirting around the issue crap that politician’s pull in speeches or when asked a question and how they try to be so eloquent and elegant with everything they say so essentially, you get brainwashed.  Fortunately, most of us (at least I hope), realize what they are up to.  Granted, some of what they have to say is all well and good, the bottom line is what is the clear, concise answer?

Lately, since last week with the Democratic National Convention and now this week with the Republican National Convention, I’ve had the tv alternating between Fox News and CNN most nights.  Things really got interesting when Obama put Biden on his ticket and even more so with Palin on McCain’s.  My personal opinion: Biden is downright rude to those who disagree with him and dang is he mean.  He lets his mouth fly without a pacifier to shut himself up before he says something ludicrous.  Palin is quite interesting and has some potential, I think.  I also think it’s kind of amusing that people compare Obama’s “experience” with Palin’s instead of Obama’s with McCain’s and Palin’s with Biden’s.  Isn’t that saying something?? 

Before I got off anymore, and boy could I…  I love a good political talk.  And yes, I’m really not ashamed to admit that I do talk back to the tv when they have different analyst and strategists and whoever else on shows talking about either candidate.  Yes, I debate people on tv.   Further reason to commit me somewhere?  Further proof that I’m more awesome than you originally thought?  🙂

In closing, considering all that’s happened in this campain (the whole almost two stinking years it’s been going on!), here are my two big beefs with Obama:

1. His words – Like I said, I did like his ideals and thoughts earlier on.  He’s a very good speaker and knows how to choose his words.  He knows what to say to get people to latch onto his campaign.  I know that’s how most politicians are and they have to be somewhat word-wise when they speak to get people on their side, but seriously… Does every word he says have to be taken as if it were written in stone? He’s quite idealistic and it’d be nice to live in such a world as the one he describes.  However, it’s all fine and good to be so idealistic about the world and how things could be, but what about reality?  That is what is here and now.  We have to get there.  The journey there is important.  You can’t just say you’ll meet with any old country you want to without precedence andnot have some kind of back up plan (ie. Iran).  What worries me most about him is that American’s can latch on to his ideals and ideas right now, loving every word he says as if it were gospel because they are so “moved” and swayed by his words and speeches, almost very carefully brainwashed into supporting him.  It’s kind of crazy the rock star status he has.  I’m sorry…  I don’t need a rock star who doesn’t even know the right tune for president.  He may write good lyrics, but the melody is equally important.  Right now the only melody I hear is the flash of cameras following him…

2. His “record” – Ok, community organizer.  Not a bad thing, quite good and admirable actually.  But why does that count as political experience?  The biggest Obama problem still lies in the fact that he hasn’t done any significant work in congress or the senate…  Well, let’s be blunt, he hasn’t taken the initiantive to sponsor and help author any piece of legislation.  He’s used his giftedness with words in his ads to say he’s “passed” or “helped pass” various laws, but that hardly means anything to me.  I help pass things everyday.  I help kids pass grade levels, pass state education requirements, I help pass state requirements for teachers (by letting my voice be heard or keeping up with my CEUs)…  Passing something or not means you simply “agree” or “disagree” on what is at hand.  Sure, you have to back it up with your opinions and beliefs if questioned, but where is the initiative there in stepping out from the crowd to offer a new idea?  I’m sorry, but passing laws is quite different and takes a lot more initiative and leadership in a person to consider it, draft it, present it, and back it up than what it is that Senator Obama has done. 

Oh, and please…  Saying that you count 19 months of campaigning as “experience” and “leadership” is ridiculous.  It’s begging to be laughed at (which yes, yes I have done).  In no way is campaigning the kind of executive experience one needs and will have to exhibit to be president each day.  I just don’t see how that’s up to par with being a governor and mayor as Palin has been or in any way related to how McCain has stepped outside the box and taken leadership to go against the grain.

I’ll bite my tongue there. 🙂


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