And It Came to Pass…

Once upon a time a church collectively joined it’s staff and volunteers together in a 21 day Daniel fast.  God showed up, changed lives and across three campuses and three weeks, 903 people gave their lives to Christ, putting their hope in an everlasting place and the only One who could save them. 

And then, as it was written long ago…  And it came to pass.  The Daniel fast did not come to stay. 

Yes.  It is finished, ladies and gentlemen.  And last night we broke it.  It just so happened that on the night we could break the fast, Ms. Amanda Bridgen had a birthday.  How was this fast broken?  At Olive Garden.  Yum.  Sweet iced tea, salad with cheese on it, breadsticks, pasta (portobella and cheese stuffed ravioli in sun-dried tomato sauce, to be exact), and incredibly rich chocolate cake.  Wow.

It was kind of odd (and still  is sort of) that I didn’t get meat, but I had been contemplating stuffed chicken marsala.  Alas, the ravioli called and it was so good.  I still haven’t had meat yet.  haha.  Leftovers for lunch, BUT I did welcome the day with a venti white chocolate mocha from Starbucks. 😀 

I was thinking about what I was going to get for groceries this week and it really hit me that I think this fast has truly changed my eating habits, what is appetizing and what isn’t anymore.  I still have some Ezekiel bread that I’m not going to waste.  I’m going to keep getting the organic peanut butter and have it with apples, it’s a good healthy snack that isn’t much trouble.  I still have plain almonds floating around and I’ll eat those up.  Gotta finish the Mexican Chereezo Stuffer so as not to waste it and it will be a recipe I’ll call on again.  Some fast food things though…now they just don’t appeal to me at all.  However, that could easily change and just be my “food mood” today.  Tomorrow I might just really want a hamburger…just not a McDonalds or BK one. 

I AM ever so grateful to have milk back in my life along with cheese and turkey.  That has lunch written all over it.  And I’m excited about bagels and cream cheese.  It’s funny the things you find yourself looking forward to having once you end a fast like this.  And for the most part, these things aren’t fried or sugary.  A bit on the salty side, but hey, I’m glad to have salt back.  I really do believe that this has changed things with what and how I eat.

And I’m doing yoga again.  Yay.

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