Near and Distant

In the near future:

  • New series at church
  • Trip to the mountains?
  • More laughter with my kids at school.  Today, we were discussing Mexican Independence day (Sept. 16) and making a Venn diagram comparing the dates and flags of the US and Mexico.  We then wrote some simple guided sentences about what was in the diagram.  They all kept asking, “We’re writing this in Spanish?”  My response:  “Well, we’re not in Japanese class so we’re not writing it in Japanese.”  Student near the back of the room: “Well why can’t we write it in England?”  Of course he meant “Why can’t we write it in English?”, but it didn’t come out that way…  I like joking with them so I quipped back, “Well first of all, that would require getting on a plane.  So yes, Spanish.  Why don’t we write it in Spain?”  🙂  I like laughing with them.  I missed having the older kids last year.  It’s good to have them back in my daily life at school! 
  • Intriguing presidential and vice presidential debates
  • Charlotte International Festival September 27th
  • Latin American Festival @ SouthPark October 12th
  • FLANC Conference October 10 and 11!!!  FLANC is the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina.  They are having a conference in October and I’d thought about going last year, but it never materialized.  The year before, my first year I was adventurous in asking about going to the ACTFL conference, but that is ten times larger, longer, and further away.  I’d still love to go to that someday, but alas, I’ll take FLANC.  Anyway, I found out today that the county is paying for my registration for the conference and my principal is paying for a sub for both myself and the other Spanish teacher at my school so that we can go.  Entirely awesome.  However, Fridays are CRAZY with my schedule.  I have about 9 classes.  It’s nuts.  At least there is plenty of time to plan.

Distant Future:

  • Copeland is coming out with a new album!!!  FINALLY.  How I have missed them.  It’s due out in the end of October, much like their previous albums.  Plus they have moved record labels and signed with Tooth and Nail, so that’s a huge plus.   Copeland and I have a love-love relationship.  I’ve seen them twice in concert.  Once in Philly and once with Switchfoot in Maryland (includes an interesting experience with an ape, breaking bread in a concert line and a “deaf” guy who may just have been…the ape ).  They have several stellar albums out.  They also tend to drop albums around my birthday, so it’s like they’re giving me a special birthday present.  At least that’s what I’d like to think.  🙂  I just wish they’d come closer to Charlotte…  Carrboro?  Come on!  It’s been too long since I’ve seen them.  If you haven’t been exposed to Copeland, please…do yourself a favor and check them out.  Aaron Marsh’s voice is just…it gives me chills.  I love it.
  • I just bought 2 tickets (buy one get one free!) to see a  Jose Porcel flamenco company performance at Belk Theatre on November 3!!  FLAMENCO!  Yeah!  I love it!  And he’s from Sevilla!  My home away from home in Spain.  Anyone interested in joining me?  It’s a Monday at 8pm.
  • OM starts up again?  I want my team of kids back!  Loved them last year.
  • Southern Christmas Show is November 13-23.  Yes.  My mind is already trickling in that direction.
  • Phantom of the Opera is coming to Charlotte in June/July 2009!!!!  You can BET that this is on my birthday/Christmas list.

I’m excited about what’s to come.


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