May I Have Your Attention, Please…

First of all, my mind is fuzzy right now thanks to my allergies which have been bothersome all day and prompting a very early bedtime tonight.

Second, today is my dad’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Dad!!

Third and consequentially, due to my fuzzy little mind tomorrow will include a post on the reasons my dad is just so awesome. Gotta be clear about that…not fuzzy. haha.

Fourth and finally, here’s some drama and sarcasm running through my fuzzy mind right now…

Government nationalizing companies (AIG)…  Can you say Venezuela?  Hugo Chavez?

I know, I’m being dramatic and sarcastic.  Had to let it out.  Frustrating times.  Frustrating solutions…make taxpayers pay more!!  The one funny: Obama finally saying he may not put his plan to raise taxes into action if he were president because OH…the economy is on a bit of a downswing. 

Ok.  The end.  Now I’m over it.

In other news, I love Energy.


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