5 Reason’s My Dad is Awesome (in no particular order):

5. His world class, widely praised parodies of various songs.  Example: There’s Always Room by Aaron Jeoffrey became There’s Always Room Here in the Bathroom (yeah, I know…it’s one of those “family things”)

4. He likes the Wii.  Major points.  haha.  And lucky him, he gets it to himself almost the entire year when Hil and Kate are at college and I’m down here.  Come Christmas though…it’s on.

3. He’s dedicated.  He’s dedicated to the church and his family.  Life’s been rough in both areas every now and then, but he still makes it work and doesn’t give up on either.  He works almost 40+ hours a week for an oil company because the church is bi-vocational and it takes a lot out of him physically, but he still manages to make it through with flying colors.

2. He introduced me to the awesomeness that is New England Patriots.  I’ll forever be indebted.  Funny how that year in high school the dynasty was born and a superbowl was won. 😀

1. I’ve been given the added on moniker of “John Gallagher’s daughter”.  “Oh, you’re John and Joy’s daughter” is something I frequently hear.  And I don’t mind.  Some people do because they want their own identity apart from a sibling or their family – to make a name for themselves.  That isn’t to say that I don’t do that or that I don’t try – my work ethic needs to speak for itself.  I don’t want to be given something just because of who I am related to – there are things you have to WORK for to earn it.  This little add-on, a phrase I hear often having moved back here or in meeting some people doesn’t bother me a bit.  Why?  Because I know who my dad is and has been and I’m proud of what he’s done and who he is.  He’s a pastor.  He’s a father.  He’s a husband.  He’s a brother.  He’s a son.  He’s a missionary.  He’s a counselor.  I’ve seen God use him.  I’ve seen, heard, and been told that he means a lot to many people, that he’s touched someone’s life in some way.  I don’t mind following in or hearing about that legacy.  At all.  I’m glad he’s my dad.  I don’t mind being “John Gallagher’s daughter”.  I can make myself known as an individual through my hard work and dedication, but to disregard or not want the connotation above…not going to happen.

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