Remember When?

Remember when this was the price of gas?

Yeah, I don’t either.

It’s more like this (or feels like it financially):

Ok, a bit sarcastic and unreal, but you know…

With Ike at the beginning of the month, prices spiked here and now…there’s a shortage craze.  Likely due to the fact that the oil refineries in the gulf aren’t all up and running again and we get most of our oil and gas from there.  Now people are freaking out thinking we’re quickly running out of gas around here.  And strangely enough, yes there are some areas where that is the case.  I had a little less than a quarter of a tank yesterday and was going to get some this morning on the way to school.  Then I saw crazy lines at all the gas stations on my way to Energy, not unlike these.


And many pumps looking like this:

I hadn’t seen the news and had no idea what was going on, so I decided maybe I should get some just in case.  So, I had to drive around Matthews in a circle to find a place without lines out into the road or that even had gas.  There were stations with completely blank signs (totally out of any kind of gas).  Crazy.  I finally found some and had to wait in line, not too long, but there was no regular, no plus, all that was left was 93 octane premium.  I filled up and paid $4.23/gallon for it.  I’m actually glad I drove around somewhere because this morning and this afternoon there were A LOT more stations with blank signs and no gas.  A teacher at school told me she still saw some really long lines at 10pm last night.  Crazy.  I never thought I’d see a day where I’d have to wait in line for gas somewhere.  Now there are places shutting down every now and then because of the anger, frustration, and irritation people are physically expressing now…  Fights breaking out at stations.  Wow.

They’re unsure as to when this will all get back to normal around here, at least in the southeast.  Could be several days, a week, ten days.  Kind of a scary thought wondering if I’ll find gas should I need to fill up again, but…  You know what though?  Things will happen as they may, but God is still in control.


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