Quick Thoughts…

  • Alas, my already cut back bonus from ABC results will not enable me to feel financially secure enough (I’ve been building up in my savings account to do so, but with the car I got in March, I’m still building back up from that) to go ahead and get a computer that won’t flash to a black screen at least 5 times every ten minutes.
  • I’m a true language nerd.  I was talking to myself and no one in particular in Spanish in my car on the way home.  🙂
  • I love working with another teacher at school.  The funny thing is…our minds are so in sync right now with lessons and teaching that when we’re talking sometimes we’re saying the exact same thing at the same time.
  • Gas shortage in Charlotte…hitting up the school system now.  There was a message about postponed field trips indefinitely, school games postponed…  Plus teachers now riding with other teachers because they can’t find gas around their homes.  I had a friend who teaches fourth grade who had to get a ride to school with the PE teacher because she wouldn’t have enough gas to get to school and then home.  Another teacher had to drive to the University area to get gas.  Plus our principal told another teacher she’d find her coverage if she needed to leave early to go somewhere during the day to find gas.  Wow!
  • It’s breezy and unusually cool for this time of year right now thanks to a storm that is coming in.  I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  It has my mind on something coming up.  Can you guess?  Bear in mind I have a certain favorite time of year coming up.  It’s a bit early, I know.  But come my birthday, it’s where my mind happily heads.  Do you know yet?  Yes, it has me thinking about Christmas.  How weird am I?  haha.  I’m so excited about the Christmas season coming up.  The cool temperatures that are visiting us have me thinking about it.  That and standing outside doing crosswalk duty and it’s about 55 degrees.  Brrr.  When it’s not windy it’s nice though.  Anyway, I already have the Southern Christmas show on my calendar.  I had music swirling in my head.  Ahhhh…  ‘Tis almost the season.
  • WONDERFUL JOYE FAMILY NEWS!  3 months and a couple days after Adleigh and Liana’s premature birth, the girls are BOTH HOME.  Their original scheduled date was Sept. 18.  Just a few days after, they are both home!  God has been so faithful in the trials the girls and Ferris and Wade have faced.  They’ve had several surgeries and minor complications keeping them at the hospital a little longer, but alas, they are both home!  Praise God!  Catch the stories on Wade and Ferris‘ blog.  Their faithfulness and trust in the Lord through it all has been inspirational.

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